October 29, 2021

Cover letter best practices for remote jobs

“Dear reader,

From this article,you will learn some unbelievable tricks that can double your interview requests. Yes, it is guaranteed. You may have a perfect resume, but you will NOT get any interview requests if you do not have an excellent cover letter for remote jobs. It is also guaranteed. After reading today’s article, I believe you will be able to write a great cover letter for any job post. Cheers! “

Cover letter winning tricks for remote jobs:

The first impression is crucial. So, consider your cover letter as a way to introduce yourself to the employer. Explain why they should know you.

Do research first:

  1. Research the company before you start drafting your cover letter.
  2. Visit the company’s website and read the “About Us” section of that website, as well as employee profiles on LinkedIn.
  3. Read the job description very attentively. 
These will help you customize your cover letter according to the remote job post and show employers that you understand the company’s needs and support them.

Reread the job posting: 

Before sending a cover letter, resume, and other materials, reread the instructions of that job ad. If it requires additional materials such as writing samples or a link to a portfolio, then attach those. 

So, it is necessary to follow the job instructions. Otherwise, the hiring manager may think you are incapable of doing the job. 

One more thing, do not write longer than one page and always follow the application deadline. 

Start strong: 

First, one or two sentences are significant for your cover letter. These sentences should represent the qualities and experiences that make you a strong candidate for the position. 

If you are a fresher, briefly describe how your extracurricular activities or coursework have provided you with the foundation that you need to establish your career.

Write according to the company’s voice: 

A cover letter for a job is an official communication. So, the logical thing to do with it is to write it down formally, right?

But this is not right in all cases? It depends on the company. At first, we have to identify what type of company it is? Is the organization serious, funny, or casual? So, start your cover letter with the right tone.

Now you may ask me, “Hey writer, how will I understand what type of company it is?”

Hmm, it’s a logical question, my readers. You will find the best hint in the job description and the job announcement itself.
There is another place to get the right idea. Guess what? Yes, the company website. When reviewing the company website, you’ll understand how they are – deeply serious or lightheartedly and so on.
Based on these, you should use the same kind of language while writing your cover letter for any jobs. The perfect mix between personable and professional is acceptable. This is one of the best practices.

Write with a purpose:

Write the cover letter in a way that is convincing to the hiring manager.

Write to demonstrate that you are eager to help the company without sounding desperate.
Explain why you are the best fit for the position you are applying for, and do it naturally. 
If your primary research tells you that the company prefers a more formal tone, then use it. But at the same time, you need to be communicating about yourself. 

Customize the content: 

You may ask me, do I need to write a different cover letter for each job?

The answer is “yes.”

There is a general formula for how your cover letter should look. For example, introductory part, one or two paragraphs detailing what you can offer the organization, etc.  Remember, each company is unique and has its own culture, which should be reflected in your content.

Keep it concise: 

Almost 70% of companies prefer a half-page or shorter cover letter for a job. Do not make your cover letter too long. Otherwise, the hiring boss will be tired just looking at it. 

Revise and edit: 

There is no chance of making a mistake on your job materials. After drafting, give yourself some time away from it.

So, come back with fresh eyes to revise and edit. A simple technique is, read your cover letter loudly and catches awkward phrasing. There is no room to make any errors here.

Make sure you have addressed your cover letter to the right person. Double-check that everything is spell checked and grammar correct. 

There is no room to make any errors here. 

Take others help:

Does your cover letter “sound” right? Does it read well? You can take the help of a virtual career mentor. 

Or you can take help from your family members or friend you think is the right person to advise you.
When you take the help of another person, make sure to show them the materials and announcements you utilized to determine the tone of your cover letter.

What a cover letter should and shouldn’t include: 

 I think this is the most crucial point of this article. What a cover letter shouldn’t include; if you know this, then, believe me, you will be able to write a perfect cover letter. Just keep reading, my dears.

Do not write this:

Please do not write how much you love the company. Don’t waste your cover letter. Instead, tell them how you can serve the company. I think it’s excellent to flatter them. 

One more thing, a cover letter is not the right place to tell your hiring manager about your difficulties in your previous jobs or why you were fired or laid off from a job. 

It’s not important why you were laid off.

Please, readers, focus on the now, not on the past too much. 

Another important thing to say, do not spend the whole time talking about yourself, your needs, your wants on your cover letter. Consider the needs of your hiring employer.

Avoid trite comments: 

Avoid making clichéd statements like "team player." Instead, be more specific.  Write how you work well as part of a team. 

Don’t restate: 

Please do not repeat the same thing that has already been written on your resume. On cover letter give a deep insight to your potential manager that what kind of employee you will be if they hire you. 

Please do not present yourself as an “out of the box” thinker. Your potential manager will not believe it. 

Do you know why?

Does it suggest originality on the cover letter because the phrase has become so overused?

I don’t think so. 

Rather it is better to relate an instance where you posed a creative solution to an issue you faced. It will represent your qualities, and your hiring manager will know how good a fit you are for that specific position.


So at first, research the company before writing a cover letter for jobs, reread the job ad, follow the instructions of the job ad, write in a way that you are a strong candidate for this post, do not restate the resume in your cover letter and write it in short and to the point. At last, revise and edit it if there is any error and you are done. 
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