December 16, 2021

Tricks on how to find a job that you love

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It is easier said than done to find a job you enjoy. Trust me; I spent my first five years in the working world looking for a job that would bring me joy. But I had no idea what I had to do. Actually, it’s not always easy to find the perfect job that you love.

I relied on luck and believed that opportunity would come one day if I kept knocking on doors. Now I know the ways. I have learned this from my past experience. Now I can guide you on how to find a job that you love.

This article is for those who do not want to spend years hunting for their dream job; here is how you can find it faster!

Tips on how to find a job that you love:

I think, from the introductory discussion, it is clear that Job hunting takes time and effort. It can be complicated when a job does not work out. 

I am sure this situation will end with quitting the job or getting fired. 

Here are some proven tips to help you find a job you'll love.

Think about your dream job:

Ask yourself, ‘What's my dream job?’ This is the first and most crucial step if you search for how to find a job that you love? But it is not necessary to get the same job.

It would help find out what exact aspects of that dream job make it appealing to you. In my case, I asked myself the following questions:

  1. What skills are needed to get my dream job?
  2. Do I have those skills?
  3. What’s most important to me? My co-workers? The hours? Or the work environment?
  4. Do I want an office job, or I am okay with being out in the field?
I found myself I did not have the skills to make me eligible for my dream job. If this same thing happens to you, don’t be panic, my friend.

I am damn sure you will get what’s your dream job is. The following data may peace your mind.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 80% of recruiting managers think soft skills are more or equally essential than hard skills when hiring a candidate. Not only that, they prioritize some skills like attention to deal, customer service and team-oriented. 

So, at first, consider this way to find a job you love.

Read the job description:

In this step, you need to visit various job searching websites like REMOTEful or Glassdoor to look for your dream job.

I know it’s a human seeing for a job title that looks promising and immediately wants to take this job. Please do not do the same next time. Yes, I know you will ask me ‘why?’

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The straightforward answer is you need to do a little more research and read the job description before accepting the role.

  • Thoroughly read the job description.
  • Know the job position in detail. It’ll help you avoid unexpected situations in your work environment.  
  • Do not stop yourself from reading the job description you are interested in.  Check out job postings for similar roles as well. You will get an idea of what duties you will be expected to carry out. 
Job posts usually include a list of required skills. So, why not use that as a reference point? This way, you should use various job searching platforms.

Apply for jobs in your desired field:

After job searching online,it's important to apply only to the jobs you're qualified for and interested in.

 Make sure to apply for at least 2-3 jobs per day for a few weeks! When applying, it's also essential that you tailor your resume and cover letter to fit the role.

Search for jobs relevant to your field and what you enjoy doing on a daily basis. Some people will start applying for every job. Don't waste your time this way -- you'll end up feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.

Just remember that applying for jobs is all about finding the perfect fit!

Look for the company environment:

If you have got the interview call, it’s an excellent opportunity to look around the office infrastructure, company culture, and more (if the company arranges the physical interview). These may affect your job satisfaction.
The office environment will give you a signal of how satisfied the employees are in that organization.
What will you look around the office for your dream job? Have a look below:
  • Are employees engaging in conversation with one another?
  • Or are they sitting in silence and only doing their job?
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These signs will give you an idea of how comfortable employees feel in that company. From this, you can assume, same will happen with you if they hire you.

Always apply for a job that interests you:

You may have read many job descriptions in your job searching process. After reading any job description, if you think it might be a job you love, don’t hesitate to apply for that job.
Attention: Applying for a job does not mean you are accepting that. So, it would be best if you took a chance.

Follow up with employers who don't respond:

Following up with employers is an essential step in the job searching process.
Many people don't follow up because they're too nervous about the potential rejection, but it's worth it to make your presence known. 
After all, there may have been many reasons employers are not responding to emails or phone calls--may be your resume wasn't a good fit for the position, the employer has already filled the role, or they may have lost your contact information.
If you send out follow-up emails after a couple of days and still don't hear back from the employer, try sending them another note after 1-2 weeks. 
As long as you're polite and professional in your follow-ups, following up won't do anything but help!

Job fairs:

Job fairs are often targeted at specific industries. Check out is there any company that interests you.
Pro Tip: Bring a batch of resumes. Get ready to sell yourself. Good luck. Some companies may offer an on-site interview.


I have got my dream job this way. Remember, many of the best jobs are never advertised. They are filled by reference. Your former colleagues, friend, or ex-bosses may refer you to a company. 
So, always keep in touch with your former colleagues, bosses, friends, and relatives who may recommend you for your next job.

Bonus Tips:

Do you have any dream employer in mind? If so, visit their company websites and go directly to the career section. If good luck favors, you may find a career opportunity there. So why not take a chance?

Another bonus tip for you is to make a personal website and showcase your portfolio. This may help you to get a job that you love.


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Great News! All the tricks on how to find a job that you love have been shared. So, think about what’s your dream job, visit various job searching websites, for example REMOTEful, read the job details and you if you found any job that you love and if match with your skills then apply. These are the common things.

But advanced tricks are, visit job fairs, keeping in relation with your ex-bosses, colleagues, and friends, making a personal website, following up the employers, and many more. Follow these job searching processes. Believe me; your dream job is knocking at your door. Cheers!

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