December 18, 2021

What are good skills to put on a resume?

It's not easy to pick up the right skills for your resume. After all, your skills may help you land a job. Sometimes, it takes hours to think about what are good skills to put on a resume to help you stand out.

Don't rush through this section because hiring managers want to ensure you're the right person for the job.

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You've been looking for a job for some time. You have sent out your resume and have had a few interviews, but nothing has panned out so far. 

There are a few reasons behind this. The most common reason is that you don’t know what to put on a resume under skills recruiters are looking for.

Today, we are going to learn the art of how to include the best skills on a resume that will impress any potential recruiters and give you the best chance of getting that job!

Let’s have a look below.

What are good skills to put on a resume?

It is important to make sure your skills section is complete and easy to read. Now a question comes what job skills to list on your resume?

You may think, “how do I describe my skills on a resume?” It is natural to think this way. But don’t worry, my friend. This article, ‘what is good skills to put on a resume,’ will cover this. 

Just read attentively. 

Best skills on a resume:

The first thing you need to do is choose the best skills that match the job position that you are applying for.

When deciding which job skills to list on your resume, it's important to think about the essential skills for the job you're looking for. You need to make sure these are highlighted in your resume.

  • You also need to make sure you include any soft skills, like problem-solving or time management, that employers value. This is because some technical skills might be too advanced for someone who doesn't have experience in the field. But they can easily include these types of soft skills.
  • Finally, don't forget to mention any transferable skills that can be useful in various jobs or industries. These could include experience with Microsoft Excel, customer service, sales, marketing, automation testing, etc.
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This way, you can include the best skills on your resume. When it comes to skills, some of the most important ones are:

- Public speaking

- Teamwork

- Communications skills

- Time management

- Self-motivation

- Computers and software programs 

- Ability to work on multiple projects at one time 

- Problem-solving skills

Why Skills are important for jobs:

Employers want to hire people that have the skills they need for their business. That means you'll need to be sure to include the right skills on your resume.
Skills are necessary because they tell employers what you can do for them. Knowing marketing is essential if you want a job as a marketing manager. On the other hand, learning how to create spreadsheets is necessary if you apply for an administrative role.
That is why skills are important for jobs.

Why soft skill is important on a resume

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As a job seeker, it's important to demonstrate your soft skills. These are the non-technical skills that help you get along with others and perform better in a work environment.
These skills are just as valuable as technical know-how in today's job market. Research has shown that getting along with others can be worth more than having a degree for some positions.
It does not mean you should leave your degrees off of your resume if you have any! But for many positions, the soft skill will make the difference.
So what Job skills to list on resume on your resume?
One way to demonstrate soft skills is through the use of examples. You could list specific examples of how you used them in a past job.
 For example, maybe you could increase team morale by cracking jokes during stressful situations. This would be one thing that shows leadership and empathy on a resume.
That's why soft skills are important on a resume.
You may check out 135 soft skills list here.

Don't Lie About Your Skill Set:

There are several reasons why someone might lie about their skill set. 
  • They might not have the skills, but they don't want to seem unqualified for the position. 
  • Another reason could be that they're applying to a position that has a lower wage or is less prestigious than what they're used to. When someone lies on their resume, it's usually pretty easy for an employer to find out.
If you have any gaps in your employment history, it's important to explain them. 
Hiring managers will be less likely to question a gap if you provide a reason for it and show how it matches your current skillset. You can also include relevant volunteer work or other experience pertaining to the job description and any pertinent education information.
However, if you're going with a lie, make sure you cover your tracks as much as possible and make up credible details as necessary. If you don't, an employer can easily find out and disqualify you from consideration. It's better not to take the risk!


I think you already got the answer to what are good skills to put on a resume or what to put on a resume under skills.
 The skills you choose to put on your resume speak volumes about your abilities and strengths. Ensure you have included relevant skills for the job you're applying for. 
For example, if you're applying for a public relations job, you might want to include writing skills--something a person applying for a data entry position probably wouldn't include.
Your resume should include the skills you have and list any certifications or education you have that would be relevant. So, it would be best if you tailored your resume to the job you want, and it'll be much more likely that you'll get an interview. 
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