December 13, 2021

How to Find Which Career is Right for Me: The Ultimate Guide

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It is the age-old question: ‘What should I be when I grow up?’ This decision is made easier for some of us by a family with the same career. Others might have an internship in their preferred field. But for many like you may think, “how to find which career is right for me?”

I agree this is a common problem, but the good news is that this article will guide you to find a career right for you.

Within a couple of seconds, we will discover the ways. Only one special request, please read the article attentively, not just scan this copy. 

It is going to be awesome writing today. Please have a look below.

How to find which career is right for me?

Since you are undecided on what you want to do, you can take some steps to find the right career for you.

Explore your interests:

We have all heard "follow your passion." But what does it mean, really?

It is important to think about what you are interested in outside of work. For instance, do you like drawing? If so, how can you incorporate these interests into your career?

You may want to explore careers in art or design. You might find a job that excites you more than anything else! Do not discount jobs that do not seem related to your passions.

So, it’s time to explore interests since you are thinking about ‘how to find a career that is right for me?’

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Have a look at the list below if you are having trouble identifying your passions:

  • Is there something you always enjoy doing?
  • Find out what you have been reading for hours.
  • Ask your family, friends, and colleagues what they think your interest is in?
  • What internal or external issues would you like to solve willingly in previous (or current) companies?
  • What outcomes give you the most pleasure?
  • What three things did you genuinely enjoy doing today?
These excellent questions may help you explore your interests that can signal you to choose the appropriate career.

Find out what you are skilled at (personal strengths):

Identifying your personal strengths and weaknesses can be a fantastic place to start to find the perfect career.

Consider a career as an emergency room physician or a fireman if you are good at handling chaotic situations.

It is essential to know your personal strengths because they will help you identify which areas of entrepreneurship interest you.
If you are a great team-builder and good at problem-solving, consider a role in human resources or consulting.

If you like working with data and numbers, you might enjoy an accountant or statistician career. If reading other people's emotions excites you, try psychology or social work. 

If creativity comes easily to you, maybe graphic design will be the best fit for your personality!

There are many types of career paths. You can decide based on your personal strengths.

Understand what you want in a career:

What do you want from your career? What are your values? For example, if you value having a prominent career and a high salary, a low-paying, low-profile occupation is unlikely to satisfy you.

 There's no right or wrong way to figure out what you want in a career— just be honest with yourself. Think who you are and what you seek in life.

Ask a mentor:

Never undervalue the importance or power of a good mentor! When I decided to change careers, I realized I couldn't do it alone. I chose to work with mentors because I wanted to learn from the best.

No matter what type of mentor you select, you will receive direction and assistance in furthering your career.

Learn more about your personality type:

There are various methods for determining your personality type; many of them are based on your reactions to certain situations.

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You may ask me, “what’s the relationship between personality type and finding the right career?”

 Have patience, my dear, and read on.

Different personality types may naturally gravitate toward different interests and skills, including occupations. Various personality tests provide a list of common career options for each personality type.

After taking several personality type tests, if one or two careers appear across multiple tests, that career is likely worth researching.

Now, how can you identify your personality type?

Some tools, such as the Jungian type index, the Keirsey temperament sorter, etc., can help you.

Do trial jobs:

I think it’s an excellent way. One of my friends used this method to find the right career. He is very pleased with his career now.

Job trials effectively eliminate possibilities that may appear exciting but won’t work in the long run.

When you start a new work, you may be put on probation for a few months, so why not put the jobs on probation as well to see if you enjoy them?

It sometimes happens the companies have not budget to hire you as temporary staff. In that case, you could look for a short internship or job shadowing.

This way, you could find the right career for you.

Self-help books:

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 My dear, I think now you already know many ways. You have got the answer to ‘how to find which career is right for me’ by this time. 

I think you will not disagree to know a little further.  What do you say?

There are lots of books that are ready to guide you. I recommend a book named The ultimate guide to choosing the right career path.I think this is one of the best books for career guidance. This 98 pages book will help those who are confused about making the best choices for their career.

The book's primary goal is to remove all the doubts when someone chooses a career. You can include many more best books for career guidance in your list.

Career hacks: This career hack is for those who are doing a job right now and have no luxury deciding the right career for them in the present situation.

Making fun with your colleagues, gossiping with them in your work gap may boost your job satisfaction.


Yes, you have finally finished reading the article 'how to find which career is right for me.'

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Now it's your turn to follow the ways that I have mentioned.

Identifying your personal strengths, personality types, passion, and skills is the most important. You may take help from a mentor and read some of the best books for career guidance.

You may look for doing a trial job or short internship to find the best career for you. After following all those, you are ready to apply for the right career job. 

For your job application, you may consider REMOTEful.

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