November 30, 2021

Job interview question and answer | Tricky techniques

Welcome to this page. 

I am really happy for your landing. Most probably, you have got your interview call, and you are here. Congratulation, my dear. 

But still, you are stressed. What will be asked? How to answer? What will happen if you can’t answer? 

 I can feel this problem. 

But great news! This article is the answer to those questions. Today’s writing will help you to prepare yourself for your next job interview question and answer.

So, relax, my dear. 

If you are experienced enough to face the job interview, you will still know something new from this article.

I will cover different job interview questions and answers for various positions.

Keep reading. Cheers!

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Interview questions and answers for freshers:

1. Tell me about yourself

 In most cases, this question is asked to fresher. This can be a starting question of an interview. 
            ---- To observe your confidence level.
            ---- To observe your attitude.  
Keep your answer short. Talk about your family, education, and your strengths and abilities to your interviewer as you are fresher.
Caution: Do not talk too much about your family. Emphasize your education and your strength.
This is the place you can highlight your personality to break the ice.

Example: “I am James.  I was born in Washington, Georgia, to a family mainly consisting of teachers. I am hard-working, love to take on challenging jobs, and always look for creative solutions.”

2. What are your biggest strengths?

It is one of the most frequently asked interview questions for fresher. In this area, you can show your belief in yourself.
       To find out your most confident level in yourself.
Caution: Do not show overconfidence in your answer. The interviewer may take it negatively. 
Example: “My greatest strength is a problem-solving skill. I always love to take on challenging tasks. I found this a great match with your job description, and that’s the reason I applied.”

3. What are your biggest weaknesses?

It’s a very tricky question. Especially those who are fresher may stuck to answer this. Who wants to tell his weakness, especially during the interview? 
Purpose:  The main objective of this question is to see how you can handle embarrassing situations.
Example: “Well, I tend to take on too much responsibility and continuously work on that until it finishes. It is hampering my personal life, and I am trying to balance responsibility and my personal life. Now I am getting a good result each day.”

Look, the answer you have given is not directly related to the job you are applying for. This way, you can handle the tricky question in a tricky way.

4. Where do you want to see yourself in five years?

This is another tricky question.  Remember, the interviewer who will ask you this question doesn’t want to hear “I don’t know,” or, “Ummm,” or, “hmmm,” or, “that’s hard to say.”
Purpose:  Generally, an interviewer asks this question to test your loyalty to the company and to know your long-term career goal.
That’s why you need to be careful to answer this question. 
Example: “In five years, I want to complete the internal training programs of your organization to develop my skill and hope to take my career to the next level within this company.”
Please never ever say that you want to be the CEO of that company in five years.

5. Why should we hire you?

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To answer this question focus on your skills that match with the position.

Purpose:  To see how confident you are in your abilities. 

Example: “Honestly speaking, I have all the skills that are directly related to this position. I am always flexible to learn new things and will contribute something to the growth of your company.”
My dear reader, I have already covered 5 important Job Interview questions and answers for freshers, but there are more to cover. Please have patience and read on the rest.  

6. What do you know about this organization?

This is the time to convince your interviewer that you have studied their website before attending the interview. 
Purpose: To see whether you are prepared for the interview and know the company’s business model or not?
Example: “This Company was established in 1971, started with only 6 employees, and now around 1200 employees work in this. The company wants to capture 6 new markets within the next 2 years. Customer satisfaction is your main goal.”

7.  What is your salary expectation?

This question is usually asked when you are near to hire. I mean when the interviewer thinks that you are a good fit for the position.
Two things to keep in mind.
--- Do not directly tell any actual number.
--- Tell them how you will perform if they hire you.
Example: “Actually, salary is not my priority. As a fresher, gaining practical knowledge is my first priority. I just agree with your company standard for this role.”

8. How good are you at handling pressure?

Simply telling that you are good enough at handling pressure is not enough. You can give an example, how well you were in handling pressure.
Purpose: To see how pressure can affect your job performance.
Example: “I know the art of handling pressure. To be honest, I can prioritize tasks and stay focused under pressure. In my final exam, I was pressured to pass with excellent marks, and it helped me to prioritize tasks, and I was succeeded.”

9. What are your short-term goals?

Purpose: This question is generally asked to see how much you want the job. It would be best if you answered in a way that is tied with the job you are applying for. I hope you understand what I mean to say.
Example: “To find a job that goes with me and has a great career prospect.”

10. How flexible are you regarding overtime?

The organization may need you to put in extra hours occasionally. If you agree to help, answer that way. If you are not agreed, tell them that politely and honestly.

Example: “In the toughest situation, I am always ready to help for some days, but I need to fill up my family commitments as well. That’s why I usually prefer to maintain a healthy work-life balance.”

11. Do you have any questions?

Generally, this question is asked at the end of the interview. I recommend researching the company well ahead of the interview. Prepare one or two questions to answer.
Example: “May I ask what would be my everyday tasks?”
I think, by this time, you got a good idea of job Interview questions and answers for freshers,and I hope it will help you prepare.

Job interview question and answer for web developers:

In front of an interviewer, you may feel overwhelmed and lack confidence. Hmm, I understand. It’s a normal thing. 

No worries, dear. Now, you will get sound knowledge regarding job interview questions for web developers.This might help you a lot. 

Could you please take a look below at preparing yourself for some commonly-asked web development interview questions? 

I think, yes. Thank you, dear. 

Let’s take a dive. Cheers!

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1. How can you speed up a webpage to load?

Purpose: The interviewer wants to see how expert you are in your sector by asking this question.
Answer: The following are some methods for reducing the time it takes for a web page to load:
  • Minify HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Reduce the image size. If it is a WordPress website, we can use a plugin to reduce the size.
  • Clean the web code
  • Remove any widgets that aren't needed.
  • Multiple redirections should be avoided whenever possible.
  • Create AMPs.
  • Reduce lookups
  • Minimize caching. 
  • Take a good web hosting service. It is crucial to speed up a website.

2. What makes HTTP 2.0 better than HTTP 1.1?

Answer: The main benefit of HTTP/2 over HTTP/1.1 is that it is faster. It provides faster delivery of web pages. Some other advantages include:
  • Less broadband consumption
  • Improvement of web positioning
  • Immediate presentation.

3. What are the new HTML5 form elements?

Answer: In the specification of the HTML5 form, there are five new form elements.
They are:
  • Datalist
  • Progress
  • Keygen (generates an encryption key)
  • output
  • meter

4. Describe how to utilize Canvas in HTML.

Answer: It is used to draw graphics using JavaScript. This can be used to create animations and to draw graphs.

5. How do you tell the difference between Canvas and SVG?

Answer: The differences are:
  • Canvas is well suited for gaming applications. On the other hand, SVG (Scalable Vector graphics) doesn’t suit any gaming applications. 
  • Canvas refers to painting the program. SVG (Scalable Vector graphics) refers to drawing the program. 
  • Canvas images are not that flexible.  SVGs are more flexible. For example, We can expand the size beyond its natural.
These are the main differences between Canvas and SVG.

6. What is the canvas's default border size?

Answer: There is no default border size. We can use CSS to adjust it.

There are some more commonly asked interview questions for the junior, senior, front end and backend web developers. They are as follows:

  • What is the definition of a pseudo-class?
  • In JavaScript, what is namespacing?
  • What is CORS, and how does it work? Why it is important?
  • What is the best method to integrate five different stylesheets into a website?
  • What technical and non-technical skills are required of a front-end developer?
  • What is a callback function?
  • Tell me the difference between Class and Prototypal inheritance, and how do you explain it?
  • Explain how variables in CoffeeScript vary from variables in JavaScript.

Sales and marketing interview questions and answers:

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1. Why is working in sales so appealing to you?

Purpose: Sales manager wants to know what motivates you. Is it the challenge or something else?

Example:  I have always loved to work as a salesperson because it creates an opportunity to meet with new people every day. I always love to take on challenges, and I feel proud that I am helping businesses get better results. These reasons push me to work in sales.

2. What is your proudest professional achievement?

Purpose: An interviewer asks this question to know what value you can bring to their company if they hire you.
Answer: In my work as an insurance sales representative, I achieved all of my sales targets and acquired 25+ new clients in just five months. I always feel proud of this achievement.

3. Please tell us about a marketing campaign that did not go as planned. What went wrong, exactly?

Purpose: This question is used by interviewers to assess your problem-solving abilities.

Example: “When I was working for XYZ company, they launched a new product. I worked on the marketing campaign for that. The campaign did not work well as expected.  Actually, we relied too heavily on marketing data. That data did not take into account key metrics. I concluded that the entire campaign should not be based on the raw numbers alone.”

4. What will be a brand strategythat you consider to have been very successful?

Purpose: The interviewer asks this to know your marketing knowledge depth.
Example: “Well, I think there are a couple of success factors of a good brand strategy. Understanding the target audience, unique value proposition, unique brand slogan, and greater exposure in digital media are the key factors I consider to have been successful.”
There are more sales and marketing interview questions you need to be prepared for. Please have a look below:
  • Have you been effective in meeting your goals on a consistent basis?
  • What motivates you to pursue a career in sales and marketing?
  • What's the most recent thing you've learned yourself?
  • Have you consistently met your goals?
  • What's your strategy for dealing with customer objections?
  • In your selling process, what role do content and social media play?
  • What would you do in your first month if you were hired for this position?
  • What do you believe our company/sales team could improve on?
  • Which marketer do you admire the most, and why?
  • How do you react when marketing initiatives or projects fail?
  • Are you comfortable making decisions based on big volumes of data?
  • Have you ever tried a fresh approach or idea?
  • What are your favorite software platforms, and why?

There are many more different interview questions for various job roles, for example, designer interview questions like graphic designer interview questions, software designer interview questions, system design interview questions, interview questions for fashion designers, and more. 

But, some common interview questions are more or less asked in any job role. I have already covered all those.

One more thing I need to share with you. Read some articles on virtual interview tips before your interview date. I guarantee you will get an unbelievable result. Cheers.

Bottom line:

Interview-conclusion-example.jpg 159 KB
I know you are tense regarding your interview. Your nerves are not calm. Relax, my friend. Go through the job interview questions and answers again and again that you have learned today in this article. These are the best picked-up questions and will help you boost your confidence before the interview.

I hope fresher and experienced candidates for different job roles have been benefitted by reading this piece of content. I believe you are now 10 times ahead of other job candidates.

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