February 27, 2022

What not to wear to an interview (Men and Women)

Although we have to admit that many of us first love is fashion, and that's why we are always interested to know what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet, or what will be the must-have fashion trend next year. 
You probably won't have a chance to walk on the red carpet. Really sad.
But if you are one of those people who really want to follow the fashion trend and look the best when going for a job interview, keep in mind that it is not a fashion show.
So it's important to know what not to wear to an interview. You should avoid wearing certain dresses to an interview, as those will make you look unprofessional and inappropriate.

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When it comes to interview outfits, wear clothing that will make you look confident and polished.

So it’s essential to follow the tips on how to dress for an interview. 

And my writing today is on this subject. I will mainly cover the following topics.

1. What not to wear to an interview
1.1 Women what not to wear to an interview
1.2 How to dress for an interview man
2. The best color to wear to an interview
3. Shoes to wear to an interview female

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What not to wear to an interview

Dear reader, please present yourself as someone prepared for the interview. A general rule: always dress perfectly for an interview. 
You should consider several things when choosing what to wear to an interview. In other words, it is essential to know what attire should not be worn to an interview. So, let's dive into the article.

Woman what not to wear to an interview

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Women always want to look their best for a job interview, but certain things can affect your chances of getting the job. The following interview fashion mistakes may affect your interview.

  • Avoid wearing anything too revealing. 
  • Wear something that doesn't have an offensive logo on it. 
  • Don’t wear anything like a graphic T-shirt or anything with art and wording. It might distract the interviewer
  • Completely avoid torn clothing, like ripped jeans, even if that is a style.
  • Avoid clothing that shows too much undergarments
  • Avoid big earrings and distracting jewelry
  • Don’t wear heavy makeup. 
  • Avoid using heavy perfume. 
  • Don't wear anything too tight or too short. 

Do you have any more questions about what women should not wear in an interview? I think no. Please follow these things to maintain the interview dress code.

How to dress for an interview man

Now let's talk about the men's attire. In this section, my discussion will be on how to dress for a men's interview.
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Select those dresses that will give you a professional look. Now, what can be those? Have a look below.
  1. A light-colored shirt and a solid-colored suit will be the perfect combination. 
  2. Avoid bow ties. Conservative tie will be the best. Pinstripes, twin stripes, or thick stripes are all great corporate ties.
  3.  Remove body piercings.
  4. Cover all tattoos (if any)
  5. Make sure your shoes are polished.
  6. Wear matching shocks.
I think these are all the standard interview outfits for men. If someone asked you about men's interview clothes, suggest them from my above discussion.

Men what not to wear to an interview

Now we know what males should wear for an interview. That's awesome.
We should also know what not to wear to an interview (men)
What do you say?
Please keep in mind the following things:
  1. Avoid torn and wrinkled clothing
  2. Refrain from wearing anything like crazy bright color.
  3. Sandals (avoid this)
  4. Poorly fitting clothes
  5. Torn and dirty clothes
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The best color to wear in an interview

In the above section of this article I have already discussed men and women what not to wear to an interview, how to dress for an interview (men), females what to wear to an interview etc.
It is also necessary to have a sense of the best color to wear in an interview. I think you will not disagree with this statement.
Before coming to any conclusion about color, you need to consider three things before. 
  • Consider your audience
  • Consider the color and
  • Consider the mix
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Wear such things so that your interviewer remembers you, not your attire. Select such colors and dresses that allow interviewers to concentrate entirely on your qualification.

Remember, the first impression in an interview is very crucial, my dear.

Look at your wardrobe. Think about what items in there give you the greatest amount of courage and conviction. Now decide about the best color and dress to wear in an interview.

May I help you with selecting color?

According to the experts’ opinion, you may consider the following colors in a job interview:
  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Blue
  4. Grey


White is perceived as a pure color, denoting well-organized, detail-oriented, and clean.

A white shirt with some navy or grey slacks can be a perfect combination, and you are good to go.


Black is a classic color and generally, interviewers associate it with leadership. I think, this is a high-powered color.


Blue is one of the best colors. Especially at the time of the interview. According to a survey of 2,099 hiring managers and HR experts conducted by CareerBuilder, the most suggested interview attire color was blue. They associated this color (blue) with someone who is a team player.


If you want to present yourself as a logical and analytical professional, wear a grey color. Grey is the best neutral color. You can select this color for your job interview.

Attention please

Do you have a tendency to sweat? If so, avoid the grey color. It will show sweat when you get nervous. In that case, don’t consider a grey color on your big day.

What color not to wear to an interview

Let's get straight to the point. Do not consider the following colors.

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Multi colors


Red is a solid, powerful, and extreme color. So, this over-powering color may not be suitable for an interview.

No one wants to send out a “red flag” message to the interviewers. What do you say?

So refrain from this risky color to wear in a job interview. 


CareerBuilder did a survey, and orange topped on their list as the worst interview color.

A question comes, why?      

The honorable respondents associate it with someone unprofessional.

No doubt, orange means creative, they added. But according to them, it’s better to avoid orange to wear in an interview.


According to Cornell's career site, brown means slow to change, brown means boring and basic. 

So, what do you think?

Does this give off the right vibe to the job interviewers? I don’t think so. 

Please don’t send the wrong message to the interviewers wearing this color. 

Multi colors

Close your eyes and think you have worn a colorful outfit for an interview and open your eyes. 

Will the interviewers focus on your skills and listen to what you say? No. 

Your multi-colored dress will distract them from the main topic.

An interviewer’s attention should be on you. Not on your sense of style. I think you have got the point. Thank you.

By this time you have got a strong idea on what color not to wear to an interview (male and female) and what color to wear for an interview (men and women).

That’s great, right?

We are almost at the end of this article. I want to add one more point, and that is the shoe. 

Please, dear, a maximum of one or two more minutes. Have a little more patience. Thanks a lot.

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Shoes to wear to an interview
We will not get the second chance to get the first good impression in a job interview.

So, it’s essential to be ready from top to bottom. That’s why I have added the point ‘shoes to wear to an interview (male and female)’

Would you mind if I talk a little about belts and socks in this section? I think no. That’s good.

 Let’s have a look below:

For males

  • Men can wear Derby, Oxfords, Monk straps, and Loafers for interviews.
  • Make sure shoes are polished.
  • Always check to see if it (shoe) matches your suit when making your selection. If you're wearing a black suit, wear black shoes; if you're wearing a blue suit, wear brown shoes. Cordovan shoes are also a good option.
  • Match your belt with shoes-for example, brown belt with brown shoes, black belt with black shoes, something like this.
  • When considering socks, avoid colorful pair. You are not going to vacation, right? It’s a job interview, my dear. So do not consider such things that are too distracting. Please, dear, don’t ruin your appearance only for a pair of socks.  So the color of your socks should match your shoes.

For females

Shoes-to-wear-to-an-interview-female.jpg 338 KB

  • Heels can increase your quality of appearance, but it is not mandatory. If you are not comfortable with heels, avoid it. If you are comfortable, wear it in your job interview. But my dear do not wear high heels or chunky heels. 
  • Make sure your shoes are comfortable. Remember, you will be entirely observed.
  • As you know you are not going to a beach party, wear solid colored shoes, not colorful.
  • Avoid colorful socks.

I guess now you are clear enough on shoes to wear to an interview (male and female).

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Wrap up

I appreciate you taking the time to read this article.

Now it’s important to keep everything in your mind - what to wear and what not to wear to an interview. Give your best. 

Hey wait. 

It’s important to ask some killer interview questions to the employer. Please make sure you are prepared for that. 

God bless you. Goodbye for now.

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