November 20, 2021

Ways on How to Motivate Remote Employees

As a remote worker, you put a lot of effort into a project to produce an unbelievable result. If no one recognizes your hard work, will you work hard for the next project to bring a great outcome? Probably no, and you don’t want to be a high-performing employee next time.

That’s why it is important to know the ways on how to motivate employees.

Please keep reading. We’ll uncover some proven techniques today. Cheers!

Ways on how to motivate employees:

I’ll show you some CRAZY ways in this article on how to motivate employees as a manager or employer that you never thought this way.

Provide the most up-to-date tools:  

You may have never thought before that it could be a cause of de-motivation for your remote workers. But yes, it can be.

 Make sure to provide updated and easy to use software (not complicated) to make them feel they have the digitally best tools.

Show your face:

It’s an incredible hack. Make a video call at least once a week.  Don't limit yourself to work-related issues while on the video call.

Ask your employees how they are passing their days. Tell them you are always with them all the time if there is any work-related problem. 

This way, a video call can be more impactful, and they will get motivated to work.

Dear reader,

Please continue to read this articles on how to motivate employees as a manager or employer. Some more awesome ways on how to motivate your remote employees are on the way. So, why not read the rest part of this? Cheers!

Provide innovative incentives:

The whole world has gone online. Why not provide “digital incentives” to your remote employees. 

You may be surprised to read the words “digital incentives”. What does it mean? Would you mind trying to understand that your remote workers are at home with almost no physical entertainment? They are mainly doing work from home jobs.

So, as an employer, you have some responsibility to add some leisure time to their daily routine. 

It will be an excellent idea to provide them with a monthly subscription online streaming service like Amazon Prime or Netflix. 

You can take an opportunity this way to show appreciation for a remote employee’s diligence. Think how happy they will be?

I have tried this in my organization, and it brought a fantastic result for me. Employees were highly motivated to do their work. 

Show faith in your employees:

Make your employees feel that you have complete trust in them about their work capability. Once they think, they will be self-motivated to work perfectly and try to finish within the deadline.  

Believe me, if they feel like they are trusted, they will bring many positive results to your company. 

Virtual team building activities (ideas):

Virtual team building activities (ideas) work like magic to get your remote employees motivated. 

Fix a date each month to engage your remote workers in a cheerful online office activity. The workers feel a sense of belonging when they play virtual games.

It improves collaboration among remote employees. You may ask me, “how?” It keeps remote employees engaged through fun.

For example, you can organize “virtual sixty seconds games” (virtual team building games). Players must be divided into separate teams for this game. After that, you must assign tasks to each group that must be done within just a minute. Each round requires a different team member to perform.

The team with the most points wins. Once I have played this game a lot.

So, this way, you can organize different virtual team building activities (games) and this is one of the great ways on how to motivate your remote employees.

Provide feedback:

Regular feedback is essential to keep the team motivated. Your remote team must appreciate your constructive comment on their ideas, performance, and achievements. The members will feel you care about their work.

Suppose any of your remote employees think out of the box; praise that. Please  encourage them to take some risks. 

Why not encourage your remote team members to take their new idea to the next level? It would help if you supported that. 

Reward your proactive employees. Your organization should have a bonus system to reward them to keep them motivated. 

Offer online learning:

Generally, remote workers don’t have the opportunity to visit most offline educational events. 

Think, as a leader, what can you do? You can offer your employees online learning opportunities. As a leader, pay for the online courses to grow your remote workers professionally. 

It will help them to develop their skills. If you do so, employees will feel that their organization is very supportive and think about them. Is it not a great motivation when they feel this way?

There are a couple of popular online study platforms. You can give them access to those. For example:
  • Udemy
  • EdX
  • SkillShare etc.

Take into account your employees' well-being:

I think we have learned something new from this articles “ways on how to motivate employees”. 

There is something still to know. Will you please allow me three more minutes? I think, yes. Thank you. Keep reading.

As a team leader, you must put a priority on your employees' health and well-being. There are some healthcare apps. For example, Headspace, Talkspace, Meal Planner. You can recommend these apps to your employees.

Encourage your employees to communicate with a medical assistant via teletherapy. One more thing you can do, hire a therapist. 

Show that you care about your workers. You can send them health packages every month.  You can include masks, sanitizers, and vitamins in this package. 

Your organization can offer health insurance for workers. These ways, you can show your care to your employees. 

Stay fueled:

You are loaded with work pressure. Passing busy days and have no time to have lunch because you can use your lunchtime for your office work. You are entirely wrong, my dear! 

With a hungry stomach, your productivity will decline. It’s hard to stay focused to work that time. Unfortunately, it’s common for employees. 

As a leader, you should try to change this culture. Explain to your employees why it is essential to stay fed and hydrated. 

Your employees will feel you are too concerned about the. That will help them to motivate.

Why motivate employees is important:

To know the ways on how to motivate employees is essential. It is true. It is also necessary to know why motivate employees is important. 

I am going to highlight some points now.

  • If you are motivated, you will work fast. Fast work means more output. 
  • Lower levels of absenteeism will be found if employees are motivated. 
  • It enables management to achieve the company's objectives.
  • Consider having a worker who is bored at work. They'll most likely spend their time at work browsing the internet for personal enjoyment or maybe seeking new employment. If this happens, your company is in a precarious position.
I hope nothing more to say why motivate employees is important. 

Yes, employees will like you! :

It seems like you were interested to know the ways on how to motivate remote employees as a manager in this article. That means you want to improve motivation at your workplace. No doubt, your team is fortunate to have someone like you who cares about them.

So, try to keep your virtual tools up-to-date, keep faith in your employees, care about their wellbeing, talk with them through video call at least once a month, appreciate their good efforts and provide them feedback based on their work. I know you are a good leader and you will follow this. Wish you best of luck. 

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