November 18, 2021

12 Works from Home Gifts to Make Your Remote Employees Happy

Who does not want appreciation? It’s normal human nature. A slight appreciation can change a lot inside your organization. 

So, it’s the right time to show your appreciation to your remote workers with some simple gifts. This makes them feel valued and honoured.

So why not do this? Let’s read.

We have picked up 12 budget-friendly works from home gifts that can make your remote employees happy. 

They must say, “Wow, what a surprise!”

Works from Home Gifts:

You can provide the works from home gifts according to the personal needs of your remote employees, or you can provide standard gifts to all; it’s up to you.

Bonsai plants (House plants):

Plants quickly brighten any environment, whether indoors or out. Bonsai plants, which can be grown indoors or in the shade, help to purify the air and regulate humidity levels. It also helps the remote workers in developing hobbies, getting closer to nature. It also helps the employees cultivate patience (Bonsai plants need more care than regular house plants). It can be one of the best works from home gifts to make your remote employees happy.

Bonsai-trees-need-sunlight.jpg 34.4 KB

Q: Do bonsai trees need sunlight?

Answer: Yes, bonsai trees need sunlight. Each day, these plants require approximately 4 to 5 hours of indirect or direct sunlight. It's important to remember that moving these plants from a shady to a sunny location will cause them to burn.

Q: Are bonsai trees require low maintenance

Answer: Yes, bonsai trees are required low maintenance. These trees simply require infrequent fertilization, pruning, and repotting. So, your remote employees can maintain this easily.


You've provided each of your remote employees an office laptop, but, indeed, it is not best for video conferencing. You know it. 

The most expensive laptop does not possess excellent resolution. The resolution can be maximum 720p. 

If your remote work involves video conferencing or training, a high-resolution camera might be an excellent work from home surprise gift for your employees.

A noise-cancelling webcam (1080 p) with a built-in mic would be a great choice. 

Smart mug:

Many of us work while taking tea or coffee. Some of us remote workers would have prepared a strong cup of coffee and then became so concentrated on our job that we forgot about it and let it go cold.

A temperature-controlled smart mug can be the best solution. It ensures every sip that you take remains the same temperature as the first one.
Works-Home-Gifts.jpg 28.4 KB

So it can be useful works from home gifts to your remote employees, and they must be happy.

I prefer a portable coffee mug with an LED display. Hot coffee or tea can be kept hot for up to 12 hours with this smart mug.

Laptop cleaner:

The remote workers who have a laptop must have it. The broom part of a laptop cleaner helps sweep away crumbs (messy eaters must have it). 

The other part has a microfiber pad. It helps to remove fingerprints and smudges off of the screen and keyboard. 

So, you can consider this useful cleaner as a gift for your remote employees. 

Vacuum water bottle:

There may have team members who like to have hot water or coffee cold. You can provide this type of remote employees' vacuum water bottles as a gift to keep their drinks hot or cold as a gift. 

These simple works from home gifts can make your remote employees happy. There is no doubt of it. 

You may put your company's logo on the water bottle for branding and help your remote workers stay hydrated.

Desk lamp:

If your remote workers work night shifts, it's unlikely that they'll be able to keep the main light on all night, especially if they're sharing a room. Alternatively, if they are experiencing a power outage yet must complete a report within the next 45 minutes.

A battery-powered desk lamp can be a good option as it works from home gifts. So you can consider this option.

Noise-cancelling headsets:

Imagine your remote workers working in their home office but getting distracted from the outside noise or the kitchen blender noise. These sounds are not allowing them to concentrate on your presentation.

A noise-cancelling headset can help drown out the background sound. Even remote workers can use it if they want to work in a quiet environment without a call. So, it can be a good decision for your remote workers as a work from a home gift. 

Standing desk:

Are you concerned about the health of your remote employees? If yes, you can consider a standing desk. 

Standing desk helps to burn more calories of remote employees’ than a sitting position. 

If the desk is height adjustable, it will be an added advantage since it improves back posture, energy, and productivity.

You can show your appreciation to your remote employees with this mindful gift. 

Lap desk:

Even if your giftee has a desk at home, they may often choose to work from the balcony, deck, or even bed. A beautiful lap desk can make their wish fulfilled. 

So, you can provide your employees with an excellent lap desk. Please keep one thing in your mind before ordering: its style, build quality, stability, and comfort.  

It's like giving your employees who work from home the gift of unlimited portability. Cheers!

A white-noise machine: 

A white-noise machine takes little space, but it’s a powerful device for concentration to work. 

At the time of working at home, some noise may come from outside through the window. It happens sometimes. 

A white-noise machine can be the best solution to improve concentration. This simple device can make your remote employees happy. 

Q: Difference between white noise vs pink noise

Answer: Lower frequencies are louder with pink noise, whereas higher frequencies are more diminished. This produces a calming sound and is a perfect alternative to white noise for individuals who find it bothersome and disruptive.

White noise is evenly distributed over the sound spectrum, representing all audible frequencies at the same level of intensity.

These are the main difference between white noise vs pink noise.

Blue light glasses:

Blue light can be harmful to our eyes. Many of us know that. 

Those who work (especially remote workers) in front of the computer screen for a long time, blue light may harm their eyes in the long run.

Blue light glasses could be the answer. It helps to relieve repeated eye strain, headaches, and long-term problems. 

Works-from-Home-Gifts.jpg 27.4 KB

Blue light glasses block out blue light from the computer screen. So, to save the eyes of your remote employees, you can gift this.

Comfy slippers:

I guarantee your remote workers will fall in love with the cosy slippers.  A pair of cosy slippers is such simple works from home gifts; your remote employees must say “wow”. 

When you spend the entire day at home, comfort becomes even more important. Comfortable sleepers can keep your feet warm. It provides a barrier between the soles of your feet and the cold.

Employees need to feel comfortable and warm to remain focused and execute quality jobs for long periods.

They must be happy if you plan to gift this. 


From bonsai plants to comfy slippers, whatever gift you choose as works from home gifts, your remote workers will feel happy, honoured, and valued. It instantly helps to boost their morale, and this small motivation will take your organization to the next level. Cheers!

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