Sep 15

Backend Platform Developer - Containerization Friction Destroyer :-)


Imagine the future where you are able to build and run your cloud-native apps without getting a PhD in infrastructure first and without spending countless hours fighting the infrastructure to have your application running in production. If it's the future you want to see, join us to redefine how DevOps is done and to create the next generation of tools around it.

We are building solutions to address the application lifecycle friction and pain points empowering developers to create and deliver container-based applications with transparency and confidence. Our application-centric approach provides a unique opportunity to address the automation needs developers have that haven't been addressed by the existing infrastructure-centric tools where you are left doing a lot of the heavy lifting manually.

Our current SaaS and our open source tools help developers discover, understand, organize and deliver their containerized applications. We are planning to expand beyond containers in the future (e.g., serverless).

More background information is on Github.


We are looking for developers to focus on our SaaS platform backend with all of its business logic and all of its infrastructure platform components. In addition to our external product customers you'll need to think about your internal platform customers (Full Stack and Frontend engineers) making sure they have a seamless infrastructure platform experience building new SaaS platform capabilities in a self-service manner.

An API first mindset with enough experience or knowledge about the modern cloud-based application design patterns is important for this role.

Knowing when to choose a simple design and when to choose a more complicated design is critical. Creating a stage appropritate design is a major contributor to a startup's success or falure and its tightly related to the startup's ability to achieve the product market fit.

You'll also need to understand when to use an existing tool and when to build a new one.

Must Have
  • Experience building software running on one of the major IaaS clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure; ideally AWS)
  • Experience developing containerized applications (ideally some kind of backend applications).
  • Experience with Go or an interest in learning and using Go as the primary develpment language. If you do know Go you should be comfortable using this Golang project layout.
Nice to Have

We are looking for experience in any of these areas.

  • Serverless functions
  • Serverless.js
  • Kubernetes (basic/some developer and ops experience)
  • Any Kubernetes internals/design/code knowledge is a nice bonus
  • Hashicorp and/or other cloud infrastructure tools background is super useful
  • Previous experience building cloud-based platforms, cloud infrastructure platforms or cloud infrastructure management tools
  • Experience with local container-based developer environment tools

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