Sep 22

Senior product Designer



Reporting to Scott Stonehocker, VP Product, and as a member of the product team, you will set a vision for great customer experiences, and deliver products and services that are known for their delightful experience and ease of use. You’ll use your craft to build a personalized auto-coaching experience that guides users through their introspection phase and the discovery of their strengths, drivers, and deeper meaning for their careers. You’ll lead users to a moment that helps them realize what they truly want, and enable them to get there. To do this well you’ll need to leverage data, collaborate across teams, and practice deep customer empathy in order to scale a highly customized and personalized auto-coaching experience.


Upon joining Chance you will begin breaking the current linear product flows to rebuild a more intelligent experience that captures users inputs in a way that will personalize their auto-coaching experience. Your goal will be to build a system that can serve up the right content at the right moment, and maximize the “aha” moments throughout the auto-coaching. You’ll also build an augmented coaching solution for our coaches and talent agents so they have the real-time data needed to provide specific coaching and mentoring to their Chance clients, and accelerate the most important benefit - helping people find a job they love. This is tech for good.


As a Senior Product Designer, you will be a critical part of the acceleration of our company, delivering customer benefit through your thoughtful designs. We need collaborators who work cross-functionally, with experience to be able implement best practices in user interaction, customer obsession, and the product development process. There are some complex challenges, and we need doers who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and fix tough problems, no matter the project. You will need to be able to take complex problems and break them into manageable chunks, and be able to explore new problems and solutions. Not only will you need to be able to work upstream, but it will be critical to deliver and execute as well. We will work hard and fast, have fun, and deliver awesome products.


Experience & Skills

     ●  Extensive experience of interface design experience at a high tech, product-driven company, delivering high-volume, high-profile or 

          award-winning web sites or products; preferably experience with SaaS and mobile products

      ●  A collaborator and natural mentor who can lead by example to help other designers adopt best practices

      ●  Clearly communicate design work with solid rationale informed by research and data

      ●  A driven self-starter, experienced in taking ownership and direction of ambiguous projects and managing multiple and complex projects in a timely manner

      ●  Strong knowledge and experience with driving and applying user-centered design processes while working collaboratively with customers, along with cross-functional teams including engineering and product management.

      ●  Seasoned in Agile development processes, from discovery and problem definition, to detailed UX and visual design

      ●  Creative problem-solver who can work upstream to digest giant problems and break them into smaller parts, and then execute on low-fidelity prototypes of workflows, rapid test with customers, and translate those learnings into higher fidelity designs using Sketch and Figma

      ●  Able to understand and adhere to a design system, and challenge and contribute to it when necessary

      ●  Approach problems with curiosity and excitement to learn and grow your skills

      ●  A passion for creating products that resonate on an emotional level with experience leading other designers

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