Sep 22

Customer Success Manager

At Corellium, we harness the power of virtualization to eliminate barriers to testing and development on mobile and IoT devices. Our goal is to ensure developers and engineers are well-equipped to research, work, and test on ARM-based technologies — whether that's testing a mobile banking app at scale or looking for security flaws in the latest router firmware.

We're on the lookout for a technically-savvy, experienced Customer Success Manager to help us understand our customers' needs, forge strong relationships with our amazing users, and continue to deliver delightful experiences at all stages of the customer journey.

The position is a full-time, remote role based in the United States.

The Product

The problem with the current ecosystem is that physical devices don't scale and emulators don't provide a true native experience. The solution: virtual devices. We create virtual models of ARM-based devices and run them on ARM servers, combining the fidelity of a real device with the convenience and scale of the cloud.

These devices run on top of our proprietary custom hypervisor, purpose-built to model complex peripherals and chipsets. From rapid hardware prototyping to advanced security testing, our groundbreaking platform accelerates development work on ARM technologies.

Many of our customers and the press have described our product as magic.

The Role

In this role, you'll be responsible for maintaining ongoing customer relationships, contributing to sales, implementing success programs, on-boarding and training new clients, and optimizing customer retention.

To be successful in this role, you should be able to communicate clearly and effectively, be a patient and active listener, and possess outstanding emotional intelligence. You should have a technical background, preferably in B2B software, so that you can understand how our product works and how our clients will use the product. You should have a strong background in customer service or customer success, be self-driven and proactive, be highly organized, and be able to analyze customer data to improve customer experience and drive business strategy.

As a fully remote team, we rely on a lot of tools to make our work efficient. Some of the tools we're using for customer success at the moment include Slack, Jira, Pipedrive, and Zendesk.

  • Optimize retention of customers across multiple segments and markets
  • Be an internal advocate for our customers
  • Join sales team members pre-sale to foster relationships with key clients, deeply understand client requirements, and help demonstrate value to the client
  • Support new client onboarding, answer setup questions, help integrate the product into the client's day-to-day work, and ensure clients get the most out of the solution
  • Assist in creating training materials for customers and other team members
  • Review customer support requests and customer feedback to identify and anticipate areas for optimization and ways we can better serve our users
  • Identify brand ambassadors and promote an energetic product fan base
  • Promote a positive experience of the product and brand
  • Establish clear goals for retention with process milestones and metrics
  • Strong, proven experience in customer service or customer success for B2B software. At least 5 years experience preferred
  • Experience developing customer success processes and setting clear milestones
  • Experience fostering positive business relationships, including with large enterprises and government organizations, and promoting a positive brand image
  • Exceptional communication, accountability, and organization
  • Strong technical background and industry knowledge required to understand the product and how customers use the product
  • Phenomenal emotional intelligence, empathy, and relationship building
Perks, Benefits and Pay
  • Competitive salary, benefits, and stock package
  • Medical, dental, and vision
  • Work with state of the art technology
  • Completely remote, work from home
  • Strong emphasis on work-life balance
  • Budget for remote office setup, sponsored learning, and wellness

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