Sep 14

Unity Programmer (Combat Programmer)

Project Seed is working on a 3D A-RPG blockchain game for mobile devices using the Unity game engine. We are looking for some talented and dedicated people to join the team. Our team is international, so knowledge in English is a must. 
There is no work hour, we trust our people to work in their own productive time. We only measure through performance and responsibility in meeting the deadlines. 

Unity Programmer (Combat Programmer) 
Project Seed is looking for a unity developer who specialized in combat. 
  • Has experienced in developing the combat system for an action RPG game before. 
  • Will be working on a number of character classes with different combat systems. 
  • Work on player movements that is intuitive for mobile games.
  • Passionate about games. 
  • Able to collaborate with others in the team. 
  • Flexible time as we may do meetings at odd hours due to team members in different time zones. 
  • Loves working from home 

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