Sep 23

Senior PHP Developer

We are looking for a Full Stack Senior Software Engineer, with at least 8 years of experience in Software Engineering.

The individual must be able to work remotely on a full-time basis and shall be self-driven, eager to adopt new technologies, embrace best practices and SOLID principles.

Must be okay with working with a team that is completely remote.

Required skills:
* PHP - Experience with a framework such as Symfony, Laravel or Zend
* Node.js - Experience with frameworks such as Express and Socket.IO
* RDBMS - Experience with open source databases such as MySQL / PostgreSQL. Preferably experience in working with large datasets
* NoSQL datastores - Experience with Elasticsearch and MongoDB
* HTML / CSS - Experience with frameworks such as Bootstrap and Material Design
* Frontend JavaScript - Experience with open source libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, Vue, React
* Experience with Linux
* Follow Agile methodologies, best practices and SOLID principles
* Fluent English

Desired skills:
* Cassandra
* Go and Python
* Experience with video encoding using FFmpeg

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