Sep 20

React Frontend Developer

You will be working on [The Things Stack](, an open-core LoRaWAN network server, that is used around the world by tens of thousands of developer and enterprise to connect their Internet of Things devices. The platform and open-core software is used by more than a 150 thousand users all around the world. It has a thriving community with more than 1500 city networks and 40K base stations through [The Things Network](

**Desired Skills**

- Strong JavaScript knowledge
- Confidence in writing valid and semantic HTML and CSS
- Attention to detail when implementing designs
- At least basic knowledge of frontend frameworks (we use React)
- At least basic knowledge with modern frontend development tooling (yarn, webpack, babel)
- Experience using Git and GitHub-based workflows
- Ability to work self-responsibly in a flexible and agile work environment

**What will make you stand out is (but not required)**

- Strong knowledge of React and Redux
- Experience with end-to-end testing (we use Cypress)
- Experience with Golang (the language powering our backend)
- Experience with using and maintaining UI/Compnent libraries

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