Sep 24

Remote Office Manager

Headquarters: USA

The role

As Township grows, our need for support has changed. A wide variety of administrative tasks have been shared amongst many people at our agency for years, but the time has come where we could really use a central support person to keep us in order. This role will be responsible for things like keeping up with administrative tasks related to human resources, managing calendaring and documentation for our projects, and staying on top of communication between our agency and our clients. You will do things like take meeting notes and circulate them, assist with our task management system, generate invoices, and take ownership for the odds and ends that pop up at random (assist with company event logistics, help onboard a new hire, help our accountant put together financial reports). You might be perfect for this role if you're known for being very organized and very communicative. You'll enjoy the role if you're interested in solving different problems every day.

Key responsibilities and essential functions

  • A task given to you is a task completed. Your follow through is impressive and you have a tried and true way for keeping track of your responsibilities.
  • Good judgment when sitting in on meetings by taking thorough notes, turning those notes into documentation and tasks, and sharing with the people that need to be informed.
  • Ability to identify problems, pull out key information, and determine which steps are required to create a solution, and then share that information with the people that need to be involved.
  • Above average ability to communicate with precision, both in writing and verbally.
  • Reliably organized and improving the organization of those around you.
  • Manage multiple calendars across multiple timezones.
  • Provide client communication that is helpful and continuous. You never leave our leads and clients feeling uninformed or forgotten.
  • Interact skillfully with teammates and clients for collaboration, planning, and requirements definition.
  • Continuously improve through feedback and mentorship.
  • Cultivate an environment of healthy communication, support, and collaboration.

Desired skills

Note: We view this section as a guide, not a checklist. We encourage you to apply even if you don't satisfy every single bullet on the list!

  • 2+ years of relevant work experience in a supportive administrative role.
  • Professional experience in a remote environment.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication.
  • Comfortability working both collaboratively and alone.
  • Familiarity with our toolset, or ability to learn new toolsets quickly:  Google Workspace, Linear, Notion, Harvest, Slack, and Xero.
  • Experience with simple bookkeeping. 

To apply: