Sep 15

Skilled PHP Developer - Remote - Work from anywhere in the US

Hey! Yes you, the amazing developer that is looking for a great place to work.

Do you want to work in a well organized, fast paced (but low pressure and work/life balanced) environment where your expertise is valued and leveraged? Do you love a good realistic challenge with great clients where your efforts are appreciated and make a real difference? We want you to push yourself, and others, to operate efficiently and effectively to develop industry leading applications for the web and mobile markets.

We are looking for a full-time PHP developer with great database skills. This position is entirely remote, so you can work anywhere in the US. No relocation needed. We've been doing remote since before it was 'cool' and we balance the advantages of remote work while still keeping a close, team atmosphere and culture.

What will your day look like?

You will be working along side other seasoned developers to create new features and add to our existing internal framework. This might entail integrating a new API, creating a new end point for data, adding a new security module or log-in method, or customizing existing features for a clients needs. We believe strongly in reusability and love to work with people that want to build better components to make the next project faster and easier to implement.

We are a fun group that enjoys our work, collaborating, and making cool and innovative tools and software. If you love to develop our goal is that most days feel more like fun than work.


We offer a lot of benefits, from your daily work to nice extras including

  • Sane work schedules
  • Competitive salary
  • Respect for you, your time, and your contributions
  • Options for flexible time (we are not all 8-5 people)
  • A fun work environment
  • Paid vacation time
  • Health, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • Other wellness benefits (subscriptions, equipment)
  • 401K with matching
  • Best in class tools - Software and hardware. If you prefer to use your own system we offer cost sharing as well
  • Family focus - We want you to be there for the important events and will work with you on schedules to make sure you are

* US applicants only please. Offshore, outsourcing teams, or individuals residing outside the US are not eligible for this position.

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