Sep 04

Software Engineer (Full Stack)

We are seeking a talented software engineer to join our newly formed engineering team. Our organization is building tools for data collection, processing, and visualization to serve the needs of Parenthetic's communications analysts. An ideal candidate will have experience working across the stack, from building UIs to deploying APIs on k8s. You will be responsible for building prototype products, developing interfaces for internal and external customers, creating roadmaps, and refining our architecture. As this is a new team, we are looking for candidates who are willing to help grow the organization by taking on a range of responsibilities across the technical spectrum and are interested in learning new skills.

Your job will be primarily to:

  • Gather requirements, design solutions, and implement features for new products and tools.

  • Develop tools and APIs for a scalable, distributed data processing pipeline.

  • Design and implement data access patterns for internal use by analysts, data scientists, and applications.

  • Provide input into architectural decision making, system roadmaps, and development milestones.

  • Understand user needs, collect feedback, and test solutions to customer challenges.

  • Participate in the full software lifecycle, including maintaining and operating deployed software.


The position may require occasional on-site work in the Washington DC area for team and client meetings.

Work Experience and Skills

  • 3+ years of experience in the software engineering field (this is flexible depending on academic work).

  • Experience developing software in Golang (especially microservice frameworks like Gin and/or CLI tools) additional familiarity with Python is a bonus.

  • Ability to create prototype webapps and dashboards for internal use using Javascript and common frameworks like React, Angular, and/or Vue.js.

  • Experience with some of the technologies/services in our stack: GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Kafka, Terraform, Gitlab.

  • Ability to write structured and documented code that is tested and maintainable.

  • Demonstrate organized thinking, with the ability to translate internal and external customer needs into development targets.

  • Aptitude for learning quickly and a willingness to take on a wide range of responsibilities.

Preferred Qualifications

  • BS or Master’s degree in computer science or a related field.

  • Proficiency developing CI/CD pipelines using Gitlab CI.

  • Experience working with data science teams and the MLOps cycle.

  • Prior work in the marketing/communications and/or defense sectors.

  • Ability to obtain and/or maintain a US government security clearance.

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