Sep 02

Senior Java Software Developer

At Genesys Multicloud, we are working to build a highly scalable, microservices-based streaming data pipeline flexible for being run in any environment: AWS, Azure, premise. We stress platform reliability, continuous delivery, and team ownership of services. Team provides constant delivery of resilient, high quality services on a platform of customer’s preference.

What this role is:

  • Your responsibilities will include development, deployment, maintenance, and dev testing of real time reporting and analytics components that work within a larger product suite. You will be involved in multiple applications belonging to Genesys Engage organization.

  • All components work on customer’s premise and in cloud (AWS, Azure).

  • Main development tools are bash, Java.

  • There might be some Python code as well.

  • We use AWS, Azure, JIRA, GitHUB, Jenkins and GitHUB events for CI.

  • We believe in code reviews and unit, functional, regression and performance testing.

  • We have dedicated QA team helping developers test code.

What you should bring to the table:

  • To be successful, you need to be a strong problem solvers and self driven person. The software is quite complex so detail-orientation is required. There are always multiple tasks in progress so need to be well organized.

Some details about what you will do:

  • Working in a team on project(s) that has other developer(s) and QA engineer(s) so there is always someone to do code review, someone to discuss, someone to test

  • Work with QA engineer(s) to ensure changes are properly tested

  • Fix/develop customer reported and/or PM set issues/enhancements/features on your own

  • Review code from other engineers

  • Write Unit (and sometimes integration, etc.) test for code that you've developed

  • Answer questions from other team members and Professional Services and/or Customer Care

  • Help investigate and then fix real life customer related issues in Genesys Engage Cloud

Skills needed:

  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, or equivalent experience

  • 2 years of Linux shell script experience and willingness to learn Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker

  • 3+ years of programming experience in Java

  • Proficiency using a source control system

  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Readiness to learn new technologies.


  • Strong experience in BOTH Linux shell and Java is a BIG PLUS

  • Experience with AWS/Azure

  • Experience with Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery processes

  • Experience in cloud computing technologies

  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL data bases.

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