Sep 16

Java Engineer - Think of the most popular travel platform out there!

Pentalog is currently hiring for the Java Engineer position, open remotely. The job opening involves developing a project for a top user-generated travel platform, whose mission is to help people around the world plan their perfect trip.

As a Java Engineer, you will join an amazing, professional, multicultural team. Good communication is key for the success of our team management, whether it’s done via Slack, video-conferencing (primarily), email or JIRA.

Job requirements:

  • 3+ years of experience with production-level high-performance Java code;

  • Front- and Back-End development experience;

  • Previous experience with memory management, optimization;

  • Heap profiling and snapshotting;

  • API-driven development;

  • Unit and integration tests;

  • Experience with Java 8/11;

  • Servlet container know-how (Tomcat);

  • Experience with Microservices, JSON, REST APIs, GraphQL;

  • API tools: Swagger;

  • Build tools: Gradle, Maven;

  • Database: Postgres, Jooq’.

  • Previous experience of coding in a team environment, doing stand-ups & code reviews;

  • Ability/ flexibility to read and work with other people’s code;

  • Ability to read and work with other people’s code;

  • Experience in using SVN, Git for code repository;

  • Strong written and verbal English language skills (needs to be able to express ideas clearly).

    Extra skills:

  • Object stores, caching and search tools: Elastic, Redis, Memcache;

  • Servlet containers: Jetty, NGINX;

  • Experience with developing complex ETL processes;

  • Experience in working with big data technologies.

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