Sep 12

Senior Software Developer (Python) for a London-based online furniture retailer

We are looking for a Senior Software Developer eager to work for our client, a brand based in London – England that designs and retails homewares and furniture online.

This position will offer you a professional and friendly work environment, with an Agile mindset, because we truly believe in continuous knowledge sharing and validated learning.

The project is based on top technologies:
Python - always keeping up with the latest version, Microservices, Docker, AWS, Domain-Driven Design, Event Sourcing, Test Driven Development.

If you want to be a Python Developer part of a team that is committed to writing test-backed, clean and reusable code, discover below the skills needed for this challenging project.

Job requirements

  • Strong knowledge of OOP;

  • Experience working with relational and non-relational databases;

  • Knowing TDD work or at least enthusiastic about this way of working and adapting to it;

  • Experience with Git (or other VCS) and knowledge of the branching strategies;

  • Good ethics of work;

  • Ability to adapt and learn fast;

  • Good communication skills and fluency in English.

Extra skills

  • Understanding e-commerce with its flow, logistics, supply, finance;

  • Experience in implementing and maintaining ERP systems in an e-commerce context;

  • Scrum, XP, and other Agile methodologies, frameworks, and practices;

  • Continuous Integration, Automated Deployment, Continuous Deployment;

  • Involvement in Open-source projects;

  • Interest in software architecture and DDD (Domain-Driven Design).

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