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Senior Software Developer

Opportunity for Hire

Role Title: Sr. Software Developer
Primary Location: US Remote (permanently)
Service Locations: NYC, WaDC, and Huntsville_AL (rare travel may be req’d)
Duration: Full Time, Long Term (5+ yrs), Permanent FTE


FTE will provide senior level technical services regarding software and systems architecture, design, implementation, management, and support within (one or more) global enterprise BTI client(s).

Availability and Work Schedule

  • FTE must remain available during business hours (8a-5p, Mon-Fri) - however, workstation schedule can be flexible, given a company-wide results-oriented approach to work and scheduling.

  • Some work may be required outside of normal business hours (nights/weekends). Advance notice and schedule trade-outs (or PTO credit) will be provided.

  • FTE will maintain high awareness for internal contact via company messenger during business hours, and will be accountable for immediate response times.

    • *Note: this is one of the most critical HR qualifications for this role, due to “work from home”, and “flexible schedule” facets of the role.


  • 95-100% of all work to be completed from home office on a permanent basis.

  • FTE will primarily serve clients in Huntsville, Wash. DC, and NYC, with travel will rarely required.

  • Mileage, flights, lodging, per diem, or any other travel expenses will be covered.


  • General Qualifications:

    • Familiarity with enterprise level corporate best practices

    • Ability to research and identify qualified solutions

    • Maintain high success rate of generated solutions

    • Pass a background check and meet industrial compliance standard(s)

    • Must be a US Citizen

  • Specific Qualifications:

    • Strong SQL and data layer experience and expertise.

      • Ability to understand and create complex queries, procedures, and triggers in SQL across various platforms

      • Experience with various Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) frameworks

      • Majority of this work involves business apps that manipulate data in databases.

        • Forms used by personnel to enter or retrieve data

        • Background tasks that pull in data from instrumentation to the databases, or synchronize data between databases

        • Tasks that manipulate and aggregate data for reports, etc

    • Expertise with “new feature development”

      • Need to be able to review application code, table documentation, and raw data in tables and logs, and from that intuit how the system works and what data is available.

      • Need to then be able to figure out what's needed to provide the business with the information they need, whether it involves manipulating or aggregating the data available, or collecting new data from users or some automated process.

    • Break-Fix and Maintenance

      • Need to be able to review code, logs, documentation, and data available to identify what data is missing/corrupt, where it normally comes from, and what needs to be done to resolve the issue.

    • Research Forte

      • Will need to be skilled with research, investigation, and just figuring things out using available information. The ability to "google a solution" is hindered due to the advanced age of the infrastructure platforms and the proprietary nature of the software supported. The ability to create Intermediate-Advanced SQL queries on the fly will be necessary both during investigation and development.

    • Familiarity with Manufacturing Processes

    • Familiarity with ERP software (like SAP, Oracle or Nav) and standard Enterprise practices

Specialized Knowledge

Not all skill sets below are required in a single candidate. Willingness to be trained as needed may be required. Multiple staff will be assigned to this team to cover all skill set requirements.


  • Python

  • Javascript - (Node.JS and React.JS)

  • Content Management Systems (Django/Ruby)

  • C#, C, VB, and ASP.Net

  • Informix 4GL

  • MS Access

  • Linux/Unix commands and scripting

  • Informix tools and administration

  • OpenVMS commands and scripting

  • Ada

  • SAP (particularly EDI, PI/PO, and other interfaces)

  • Winshuttle

  • MSSQL tools and administration

  • Windows Server/IIS administration

Education Requirements

  • Ability to pass Development interview based on Qualifications and Knowledge listed above

    • Degree or Certifications in related field(s) desired

    • 3-5+ years of experience in related field(s) desired

*Note: Testing will be conducted by master development and engineering specialists. This position will require genuine expertise at the “Senior” level, and those without, need not apply.

Salary Range

  • $70,000 - $95,000

  • Salary offer will be determined based on salary history and/or market value of determined skill level (based on interview & testing results).


  • Full Medical (incl comp, vision, dental, and life options) benefit options can be provided as needed via Blue-Cross Blue-Shield Platinum and other available plans.

  • BTI provides cost matching options for insurance costs.

Role Progression

  • This role is part of a team working with a global Fortune-Class enterprise client. Admirable performance can provide options for moving upward into lead and management roles within this client team and the BTI Software Development Dept.

Project Progression

  • BTI works with many Fortune-Class enterprise entities on a variety of advanced projects. Admirable performance in this role will open doors to additional Development, Engineering, and DevOps teams on other projects.

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