Sep 12

DevOps - FilmTech changing the game for film and TV production (fully remote)

  • Location: Remote in the UK or London

    We are a growing development team and we are looking for a developer in operations to help us continue that growth by helping scale and improve our deployments, our operation environment, security and developer experience.

    What will you be doing?

    You’ll join our small existing DevOps team, whose day-to-day activities typically include:

    • Monitoring and maintaining existing infrastructure

    • Reviewing new technologies and making recommendations on how the existing estate should be evolved in future; while we’re very proud of our elegant and resilient architecture, we never stop seeking ways to improve, and fresh eyes are especially welcome

    • Creating and maintaining internal tools to improve the developer experience

    • Working with the Head of Quality to ensure effective automation of testing

    • Evolution of our web stack including adoption of new technologies and standards as they emerge

    Relevant experience

    We are happy to consider different routes into this role either from development or operation paths. However to be successful we think you will need to have the following experience.

    • Designing and implementing secure, resilient, scaleable, highly available configurations of infrastructure components

    • Automation of cloud deployments and developing infrastructure as code

    Key technical knowledge

    • AWS (in particular EC2, ECS, RDS, S3, IAM, Lambdas); multiple accounts across regions

    • Terraform

    • Docker

    • Bash scripting

    • Web technologies and typical deployment patterns

    • Python experience advantageous, but we’ll consider expertise in other scripting languages; likewise an awareness of JavaScript as it relates to deployments (Webpack, transpilation) would help.

    We make extensive use of the following technologies, so any previous aligned experience would help:

    • Buildkite

    • Ghost Inspector

    • GitHub actions

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