Sep 07

Backend Engineer - PHP

Who we are looking for:

Hey you! Every night we have to process more than 24 million items and we cannot do it without you. We are trying to revolutionize the slow-paced Retail world step-by-step with cutting edge technologies. As a developer here, you will tackle world-class challenges in high-throughput systems, scaling, orchestrating, and more. You will play with asynchronous and multi-process patterns in an enthusiastic run to scale our business.

  • Not scared of big data?

  • Integrating complex systems and making them simpler is your bread and butter?

  • Simplifying and automating lengthy processes is something you can do in your sleep?

  • Getting your hands dirty with the latest piece of tech is your thing?

If "can-do" is what you say to that nasty mission-critical project with no time to develop it and you see bugs as opportunities, today is your lucky day: we are looking for a Back End Engineer to join our Tech Retail component!

What you will do:

  • You will join a distributed team of developers, with an actual decision autonomy: you will be responsible for your work;

  • You will find brilliant solutions for complex problems;

  • You will write quality software: readable, well designed and thoroughly tested code;

  • You will work together with people from other key areas, participating on analysis, discussion and implementation phase.

Skills & Requirements:

  • Love for coding: you are proud of your work;

  • Large-scale data processing: you know how to deal with large amount of data (moving hundreds of GBs of data);

  • Experience with multi-process patterns to scale up our synchronous and asynchronous tools;

  • Knowledge of our current technology stack: PHP (Laravel), RabbitMQ, Git, Unix-like environment;

  • Knowledge of relational (MySQL) and non-relational (Elasticsearch) databases;

  • Great communication and synthesis skills working closely with product managers, other teams and both internal and external stakeholders;

  • Analytical, detail-focused mindset;

  • Be able to legally work in Europe (you are the holder of an EU Passport or you are the holder of EU residency permit or you are the holder of a Schengen Work Visa).

Our salary range for this position will be:

  • Employees: 30 to 40k as Gross Annual Salary (€)

  • Freelancers: 20 to 30€ per working hour

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