Sep 05

Site Reliability Engineer

We are looking for a talented Site Reliability Engineer to join us and be part of the team responsible for improving and scaling the cloud infrastructure powering Leadfeeder. Keeping our service fast, reliable, and secure, is one of the key parts of how we succeed every day helping thousands of our customers know more about their website visitors.

Infrastructure as Code and Automation is at the core of what we do: You'll work to enable and support our product and engineering teams to spin up, maintain and monitor the necessary infrastructure they need to run their applications and services.

As part of our Site Reliability Engineering team, you’ll get the opportunity to work and develop your skills in a varied range of cool technologies we use such as Terraform, Kubernetes, Istio, Elasticsearch, and from Amazon Web Services (where our infrastructure resides): DynamoDB, Kinesis, Lambda or Aurora, to name a few.


  • Improve our automated cloud infrastructure on AWS

  • Automate technical operations: deployments, scaling, recovery, etc.

  • Monitor and analyze the Leadfeeder infrastructure and applications with tools like New Relic, AWS CloudWatch, Prometheus and ELK Stack

  • Analyze and improve system reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness

Essentials skills and expertise

  • Good teamwork and communication skills (English)

  • Capability to work remotely

  • We expect minimum four hours of overlap with central European working hours

  • Experience operating production-grade web applications

  • Experience working on cloud infrastructure and related services, especially Amazon Web Services

  • Experience with Docker container-based technologies, such as Kubernetes or AWS ECS

  • Experience with Terraform

  • Knowledge of TCP/IP networking

  • Linux server experience

  • Programming skills

Preferred experience

  • Experience managing databases, both relational (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL) and non-relational (e.g. AWS DynamoDB, Cassandra).

  • Serverless computing, such as AWS Lambda

  • Elasticsearch

  • Configuration management tools (e.g Ansible, Chef)

  • Ruby on Rails


  • Get to work in a talented, remote-first international team

  • Chance to make an impact on a global product

  • Actual work-life balance with healthy 40-hour work weeks

  • Flexible work time

  • Biannual company retreats

  • Competitive salary

  • Friendly and encouraging work environment

Our hiring process

After we've received and reviewed your application, there are a number of stages in our process:

  1. Initial video call. You'll get to learn more about the role and our company, and we'll learn how you communicate and what are you looking for in the job.

  2. Technical interview. Qualified candidates proceed to our technical interview, where we ask more in-depth technical questions.

  3. Home assignment. We'll test your coding skills in building a small application. You can do this at home on your own time. The assignments usually take about 4-6 hours to complete.

  4. Assignment review and skills interview. After our team has reviewed your assignment, we invite you to the next interview. We'll provide feedback and ask questions about your code. This interview also includes some pair-programming, where we do some improvements or additional features to your project.

  5. Culture interview. The final step before decisions. Great cultural fit is highly important in our remote team. We also want to give you as much as possible information on how it is to work at Leadfeeder and what our culture is like.

All interviews are done remotely over video calls, but of course if you happen to be in the same city with some of our team members we're happy to organize a meeting on site.

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