Sep 19

Senior Web Angular Developer

Full time Angular Web Developer roles available.

Working on our People First application you will be responsible for the layout, visual appearance and usability of our web-based software. You will also ensure that the maintainability of our code base remains at a very high level.

How We Work:

  • To provide best possible user experience we have developed our own component library in Angular.

  • Azure DevOps is used to manage backlogs, builds and releases.

  • We use Agile to plan and deliver value to the end user incrementally.

  • Core hours are used to minimise interruptions to developers.

  • Our products are shipped at least every two weeks.

  • We sponsor tech events such as Tech Nottingham and Hack24.

Your Development:

  • You will be actively encouraged to grow your skills by pursing self-learning or attending conferences such as Angular Connect.

  • You can either broaden your knowledge by learning new skills within the UI sphere, or by branching out into other areas like Java, .NET or Azure.

  • We will actively work with you to help you grow.

  • You will be surrounded by experienced developers.

MHR offers HR, Payroll and Analytical expertise to help our customers work smarter. With over 700 employees working across four products. A family-owned company providing financial independence serving over 1,000 customers across the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Key Skills:

  • Angular

  • JavaScript/ TypeScript

  • Angular JS

  • CSS

  • HTML

  • REST

  • Unit Testing

  • Design Patterns

  • Build tools

  • OOP

Role Responsibilities:

  • Use specific design, analysis and language capabilities to provide required functionality in accordance with agreed timescales and to the prevailing standards.

  • Contribute to requirement and design reviews.

  • Produce and execute product test plans to assure the quality of your own work prior to independent testing.

  • Participate in quality assurance work, as required, to ensure delivered products are fit for purpose.

  • Facilitate and fulfil tasks as a member of an agile team, using agile practices (e.g. peer reviews, Test Driven Development and daily stand-up meetings).

  • Discover new technologies and techniques and adapt to dynamic business requirements.

  • Where requested, lead product development exercises preparing plans, monitoring and report on progress.

  • Produce and review documentation intended for internal and external publication.

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