Sep 21

React/Node developers

What you’ll do

We currently have vacancies across our teams for developers of all experiences and backgrounds who can work across a range of projects and clients. During the application process, we will take your skills and any preferences you express on board, and aim to match you to a team, project or client, with plenty of opportunity for change & growth available.

We have front and back end roles available where you can grow and gain a huge amount of experience in Javascript, Node.JS, React, AWS, Microservices, Open Banking & API development. We’re looking for candidates who are willing to learn rather than experts in these areas, but it’s great if you already have experience with a few things on our list, especially those in your preferred area of the development stack.

You’ll thrive using agile methods and enjoy working openly, collaboratively and as part of a multidisciplinary team focused on one or more projects, producing high quality code in a busy but supportive environment.

Your work on our platform will help consumers get on top of their finances and make better informed financial decisions and enable our Enterprise partners to bring new innovative financial services to market.

As a member of our technical team you’ll:

  • Design and build services using web technologies to serve our user and client needs

  • Take responsibility for code quality for yourself and your peers

  • Improve our processes and tools through communication, automation and optimisation

  • Build automated tests as part of our continuous integration and deployment environment

  • Share knowledge of tools, techniques, new features and ideas with the Moneyhub team of developers and non developers

  • Support our ongoing recruitment by helping in sifting and interviewing

  • Apply broad knowledge of web technologies to provide security, performance and scalability

  • Solve issues and suggest solutions as part of feature development and support

Who you are

We’re interested in people who:

  • Have experience in front and/or back end Javascript development, ideally using React and/or Node.

  • Understand software design principles including functional programming (we use Ramda extensively)

  • Enjoy researching and learning new programming tools and techniques and telling others about them

  • communicate with accuracy and effectiveness

  • take a systematic approach to solve problems

  • have experience of using testing to validate solutions

  • understand agile environments and version control

  • have some understanding of web security and accessibility

  • are aware of technologies used for web applications, e.g databases, backups, CDNs and search, and of Unix-like operating systems, e.g. Linux and/or Mac OS

  • have experience of working on, or with web technologies

  • are familiar with working practices such as TDD, continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps (and want to learn more)

Specialist knowledge

We’re interested in generalists who enjoy working across the full stack, as well as specialists in front or back end development.

If you consider yourself a front end developer then we’re looking for experience with things like:

  • accessible and semantic markup, logical and extensible CSS and clear and performant Javascript with React

  • Can code with our end users experience in mind

  • Can see when the product doesn’t look right, and know how to fix it

For back end developers we’re looking for:

  • Experience with different database engines (we use PostgreSQL and MongoDB)

  • Securely writing and consuming web services, including external APIs.

  • Understanding of OAuth and other security implementations

  • A good understanding of microservice architecture

Our Teams

Our API team develops the various services that support Moneyhub and the associated services, apps and APIs we provide. We also integrate with 3rd party APIs, customer APIs and other data services to support our customers and our core capabilities.

Our Connections team connects our users to their chosen financial services and institutions via several different approaches including OpenBanking, bespoke APIs, offline data loads and consumer consented screen scraping technologies to provide them with the fullest possible understanding of their finances.

Using data science and data engineering, our Nudges and Insights team uses the unparalleled data available to us to provide our customers insights into their finances to help them whatever their situation is.

Our Core and Whitelabel teams develop our product roadmap for our Moneyhub app users, and work directly with our major clients to accelerate the roadmap to meet their needs.

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