Sep 09

Software Engineer (Networking)

We are looking for a software engineer with focus and enthusiasm about network configuration with Linux. SUSE uses a unique Open Source Tool called „Wicked“ for the network configuration of our Enterprise Linux products.

We need you to enhance Wicked for new network technologies in physical and virtual networking environments, keep it running and solve any appearing issues. You will do this in close collaboration with other engineers in the Team. As part of the SLE Code base, Wicked is used in all our Linux Enterprise products, therefore, you will collaborate also with most other Development teams inside the Group as well as with many ISV/IHV Partners and Customers.

Your profile:

  • Expertise in C and system programming

  • Good Knowledge about complex network setups (virtual and physical)

  • Expert in Routing

  • Good knowledge about rtnetlink and other Network UAPIs in the Linux Kernel

Good knowledge in some of the areas:

  • Modem configuration (3G 4G 5G)

  • Wireless network configuration

  • DHCPv4/6, IPv6-RA and other protocols

  • InfiniBand

  • Knowledge about the C-Dbus API would be very helpful,and of course also knowledge about Wicked internals.

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