Sep 08

Machine Learning Engineer

Brave is looking for a Machine Learning Engineer to work on advancing Brave’s use of in-browser machine learning in features like Brave Ads (our system that rewards users for seeing privacy respecting ads) and Brave Today (our news product). Your work will impact the 24+MM monthly Brave users, and your work will improve some of the most popular parts of the Brave product.

An ideal candidate will have a mix of skills that include the following:

  • Working knowledge of JavaScript and C++ so that they can effectively interact with the rest of the team. Knowledge of Python, Java or C# is also strongly encouraged.

  • Has a proven track record implementing data driven products and a broad understanding of the state of the art in machine learning

  • Familiarity with techniques such as Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Naive Bayes, SVMs, Clustering, Multi-Armed Bandits and Reinforcement Learning

  • Familiarity with NLP

  • Basic data cleansing and preparation, variable preprocessing/transformation

  • Comfortable working in an open source setting

  • Able to create and deploy machine learning pipelines

  • Has a passion for helping protect users’ privacy and security

  • Written and verbal communication skills in English

  • Proven record of getting things done

Bonus Points

  • Experience with the Chromium code base or other similar browser code base

  • Experience in Privacy-preserving/decentralized machine learning

  • Knowledge of Adtech

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