Sep 16

Senior OpenVMS Software Developer

Opportunity for Hire

Role Title: Senior OpenVMS Software Developer
Primary Location: Work from Home (permanently)
Service Locations: Huntsville, AL / Florence, AL
Duration: Long Term - Full Time, Part Time, or Contract

Job Overview

  • One of our industrial clients needs our help retiring some ancient VAX machines, running OpenVMS. These machines run custom C, ADA, and Fortran code written 20+ years ago, that basically runs and monitors the entire production line.

About this Project

  • The job is to replace these machines one by one with windows servers, migrating the OpenVMS applications to Windows.

  • The first challenge is that processes on the OpenVMS machines communicate with each other, as well as an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) written in Informix 4gl running on HP Unix. The applications must be migrated in such a way that all these dependent services continue to function.

  • The 2nd challenge is that all in-house personnel with knowledge of these OpenVMS applications have retired. We have to rely on in-house documentation (surprisingly thorough at times, but also with gaps at others), and evaluating the original source code to understand what's actually going on.

  • We have a team with best in class Windows/Unix/Informix experience, but only minor OpenVMS experience, so we’re looking for an OpenVMS expert to fill out the team and provide more manpower. This person would evaluate the old code, help us understand exactly what it does, and form up the requirements for the new windows code.

  • The migration project is at least a 3yr plan, likely 5 years. There will also be ongoing support of the new system we would be building for the client. There is enough work that we would prefer to hire someone full time. However, to secure the necessary expertise, we are willing to accommodate someone working part time, or an hourly contracting arrangement. While we are located in northwest Alabama, the job can be performed 100% remote.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Availability and Work Schedule

  • Workstation schedules can be reasonably flexible (but as predictable as possible), given a company-wide results-oriented approach to work and scheduling.

  • Some work may be required outside of normal business hours (nights/weekends). Advance notice and scheduled trade-outs will be provided.


  • Primary workspace will be located at home office on a permanent basis.

  • Employee will primarily serve clients in Huntsville and the Shoals Area.

  • BTI expects 100% of all work to be completed from home.

Specialized Knowledge

  • Primary Skills and Experience

    • Writing C, ADA, and Fortran code for applications running on OpenVMS.

    • Familiarity with the OpenVMS libraries for these specific languages

    • Familiarity with the OpenVMS operating system and it's common utilities

    • Experience in industrial manufacturing

    • Experience communicating with PLCs and DMCs

    • Specific examples: CSF networks or specifically GE devices

    • Experience in interprocess communication on OpenVMS

    • Experience in interserver communication

  • Secondary Skills and Experience (Not Required)

    • Informix

    • 4gl

    • Unix

    • Windows development

    • MES business analysis


  • Good English language skills

  • Computer and good internet connection

  • Familiarity with enterprise level corporate best practices

  • Ability to research and identify qualified solutions

  • Maintain high success rate of generated solutions

  • A positive attitude

Salary & Benefits

  • Hourly or Salary offer will be determined based on market value and skill level determined by the company's key engineers during interview, and confirmed in practice.

  • Current (hourly or salary) compensation range, depending on experience, availability, and hiring status (full time, part time, or contract): $80-125k

  • Full Benefits package is available if employed full time (Medical, Dental, Vision, Comp, Disability).

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