Nov 24

Platform Engineer

Want to work on distributed systems and infrastructure problems? The Cloud Platform team solves the hard technical problems that allow the rest of the company to focus on business problems. Join us as we build the system that allows us to deploy the entire streamlit Platform with a single click, the reverse proxy directing traffic at apps in our Kubernetes cluster, and other fun and complex challenges.

O‍ur Values

Our values are at the core of everything we do. We live our values in our work, in our interactions with each other and the community. And we bake our values into our products.
  • Be kind
    Our co-workers, customers, and partners are just like us — human. Remember to be kind and stay humble. Thank people for what they do. Say something nice or post to #kudos.
  • Embrace change
    Streamlit is growing quickly. Welcome this challenge. Seek new ideas. Help others learn too. View feedback as a growth opportunity. Recognize how far we've come. Appreciate the journey.
  • Bias to action
    We set daunting goals. If stuck, just start. Create a doc. Arrange a brainstorm. Sketch the MVP. Disagree calmly. Prepare to decide quickly and join the team. The opposite of inaction is traction!
  • Make it awesome
    We craft the smallest details of our products, docs, community interactions, and communication. Start with a high bar, then iterate and learn. Own your work. Keep promises. Strive for clarity.
  • Care for yourself and others
  • We are more than our work. Work should enrich your life and your life should enrich your work. Share your hobbies, lean into the flexibility of remote work, and take last-Friday of each month off!
  • Empower those around you
    Your output is your team's output. Define great projects and processes. Set clear goals for new employees. Run tight meetings. Help your teammates succeed. Share the spotlight.
  • Silly your nerdy
    Data is beautiful. Models are awesome. Let's have fun! Embrace whimsy and creativity. Find the chuckle. Add emojis. Dance to mark wins. Share cool findings. Send stickers. Release balloons!

What you'll do:

  • 🚢 Help us ship high-quality code. We currently use Python, Go, and TypeScript/React. Some of the amazing features we've built include:
    • High performance network proxy that directs traffic to the right backend apps
    • Best-in-class release pipeline that allow to ship code faster and more reliably to production
    • Framework for event-based systems
  • 💅 Polish Streamlit into an awesome experience. Make improvements in performance, user experience, and developer experience that benefit our developers and end-users.
  • ✍️ Plan for change. Write up design docs for features or to address technical challenges
  • 📐 Empower other team members. Review their design docs and code. The team's output is greater than your personal output.
  • 🎖 Make our codebases awesome. Address tech debt and bugs as part of our engineering rotation
  • 🌊 Embrace change in continuously improving our systems. Analyze and own overall efficiency, reliability, and performance of codebase and processes
  • 🏃🏽‍♀️ Participate in the action. Participate in and facilitate team meetings making progress to our goals
  • 🧘 Take care of each other. Foster a supportive environment for individuals with diverse backgrounds. Everyone's unique ideas, perspectives, and experiences make Streamlit a better product and company — and a more fun place to work!

‍It's important to us that you have all of the following:

  • Experience in multiple programming languages, specifically one statically-typed language (e.g. Go) and one dynamic language (e.g. Python)
  • Experience with backend web development experience including:
    • Server API design using a common architecture (REST, GraphQL)
    • Database Design and SQL chops
  • Deployed a full-stack application on a production server with a database.
  • Demonstrated experience working on a product with a team with multiple stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate initiative, ownership, and independence
  • Experience working with modern infrastructure, such as Kubernetes/Nomad, GCP/AWS, Pulumi/Terraform, etc.

It would be awesome if you also had any of the following:

  • Significant experience with the technologies we use (React, Go, Python, Kubernetes) or similar
  • Experience with Open Source development as a contributor or maintainer
  • On-call experience
  • Experience with modern SRE/DevOps best practices
  • Familiarity or interest with data science, AI, machine learning

Technologies we use:

  • Go, Python, TypeScript
  • React, Jest, Cypress
  • Web Sockets, Protocol Buffers, gRPC
  • Kubernetes, Pulumi

We are located all over the world in all different time zones. Some of us work from home, some of us have office shares, and some are travelers who are in a new location every few months. Many of us have families and other commitments outside of work, so we set strict hours where we're not online. We try to stick to just a few synchronous hours a day and as few required meetings as possible to let people get into flow. And if you love using Notion, you'll love working here!

While we are remote we also like to get together both virtually and in-person to forge bonds. Here are some of the traditions that we have:

What We Offer

Stock Options, Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Unlimited PTO, Benepass, Commuter Benefits, Work from Home Stipend, Parental Leave, Education Reimbursement.



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