Oct 25

Kotlin / Java Backend Developer

At Emerald, we're building a cryptocurrency wallet and an infrastructure layer to help companies integrate with blockchain. We're a small distributed team believing that cryptocurrencies will replace the traditional financial system, and we're building the Emerald to lead that disruption.

We're building an API and infrastructure behind it to simplify the integration of cryptocurrency payments. It's used by Emerald Wallet, but also by other companies.

Some projects are closed source, and some are Open Source, such as Dshackle (fault-tolerant load balancer) and EtherJar (Java lib to access Ethereum).

Our backend stack:

* Java and Kotlin
* Spring
* Reactor
* Kubernetes
* Google Cloud

What we're looking for:
* Self motivated developer comfortable working in a remote team split over different timezones
* Understanding of distributed systems and how to make fault tolerant applications
* Understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology and protocols

We're looking for a strong developer familiar with the technologies mentioned above and want to build the future of finance. We are a remote-first, async, and geo-distributed team.



Salary and compensation

$60,000 - $120,000 / year

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