May 05

(Senior) Backend Engineer (f/m/x)

What we do

At Bird, we're solving a problem that is a pain for many, costs the industry billions and something we've probably all experienced at some point - software bugs.

We're seeing more digital applications being built than ever, which means more software bugs. While the way software is built has advanced leaps and bounds, the way we fix bugs, hasn't.

Bird combines screen recording with automatically captured technical logs to allow even non-technical people to create proper data-rich bug reports - make it much easier and faster to fix bugs. Our vision is to help companies build products that work perfectly, taking care of quality so that companies can focus on building better features.

We believe in empowering our employees to do what they do best. For engineers, this includes options to explore your talents and interests in frontend, backend, or both. We are also pragmatic, keep processes lean, and cut back on unnecessary meetings. This means that you will not only be encouraged to pursue your interests, but will also receive the necessary space to do so.

Our current tech stack at a glance
  • SPA, Browser Extension, Vue.js, SCSS, Tailwind CSS, GraphQL, Apollo Client
  • Node.js, Fastify, ffmpeg
  • Hasura GraphQL Engine, PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud Platform + Terraform + Docker
  • Github (repo) + Actions (CI/CD)
  • Auth0, Sentry, Segment

What you'll do
  • Design and implement a performant and highly available backend system capable of storing and serving user content quickly and securely.
  • Implement integrations with third-party applications like Github, Gitlab, Slack, Linear, Monday and others.
  • Implement / improve authentication system with authentication codes and 3rd party OAuth and SAML providers.
  • Data Modeling with PostgreSQL, Hasura GraphQL Engine and Fastify 3
  • Improve DevOps, infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, system monitoring and tracing.
  • Design and implement infrastructure to transcode and serve video recordings.

What we're looking for
  • You are a great person to work with, very hands-on and enjoy solving difficult problems. You can speak about technology for hours. It genuinely excites you when users love the product you are working on and get actual value out of it.
  • You are relentlessly resourceful, know how to prioritize your work, enjoy having autonomy and a measurable impact on the company and user experience. You hate politics, expect to be appreciated and grow with the company.
  • You don't need to have a CS degree, or a minimum number of years of experience. What we care about is that you are excellent at solving problems, writing JavaScript and that you love what you do.

Why you should join us
  • Latest software - we provide our team to latest softwares like Vue.js, Slack, Notion, Linear, Figma
  • Fully remote work environment - we provide you the tools you need to support your productivity
  • 30 days paid vacations - plenty of time to recharge throughout the year
  • Latest hardware - brand new MacBook Pro (or PC if you prefer), displays and accessories
  • Flexible work hours - flexibility in shaping your work day
  • Great team - weekly remote team activities to keep the spirits high



Salary and compensation

$30,000 - $100,000 / year

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