Apr 14

NGINX/Lua/Go/API Gateway/Service Mesh Engineer for Open-Source Project

Job Responsibilities:

1.Develop a next-generation API management and analysis platform based on Apache APISIX.

2.Maintain technological innovation in API Gateway, Service Mesh, and security.

3.Participate in the development of Apache APISIX.

Job Requirements:

1.In-depth knowledge of Apache APISIX or other API Gateways.

2.Passion for open-source culture and familiarity with open-source collaboration methods.

3.Good coding habits, agree with test-driven development.

4.Good documentation habits.

5.Familiar with service mesh and k8s ingress controller is preferred.

6.Open-source Experience.

7.1-3 years working experience.

8.NGINX, Lua, OpenResty code contributors are preferred.



Salary and compensation

$20,000 - $60,000 / year



🌏 WORLDWIDE 💰 $20K - $60K Website