November 09, 2021

How to apply for online jobs | Experts’ Guide

Many job candidates do not know how to apply for online jobs perfectly. Even if they apply, they are confused about whether everything is done in the right way.

Once I used to feel like this. My career coach helped me a lot those days. Now I know the SECRETS. Could you please copy my strategies? 9 out of 10 interview calls are waiting for you! Cheers.

How to apply for online jobs?

Hey readers,

Allow me just 5 to 6 minutes and read on. You will be a master of how to apply for online jobs.

Things you need:

Please note down.Following things must be ready.
  1. You need an active email address so that you can use this email for searching the jobs.
  2. You will need internet access.
  3. Your up-to-date resume and a cover letter. 
  4. Your clear mindset of availability to work. This will need if you want to apply for a part-time job.
  5. Employment history is required for creating your resume.
  6. Employment references.
  7. And internet access.

Get Your Resume and Cover letter Ready:

Your resume is the heart of applying for a job. Before applying, your resume should be ready and in the correct format, and updated. 

I have used the word “updated.”It is essential. Then how to make your resume updated? For example, you have to include your current contact information and recent work history on your resume. 

Do not save your resume in a generic file name, like “resume.” You should save it this way (yournameresume.doc), and this is the best practice. When the recruiting manager reviews the resume, he will be able to connect you to it. 

If your resume is a heart for applying for a new job, your cover letter is your lungs. Prepare a basic cover letter that you may customize for each job and submit it when applying for a position. But in the job description, if it is mentioned not to submit it, then do not submit.

Tips:  Please do not repeat the same thing in your cover letter that you have already written in your resume. Instead, explain what type of employee you will be if they hire you. Let them feel you are a strong candidate after reading your cover letter. Try not to write more than half a page.

I think you have enjoyed these great tips regarding resumes and cover letters from this article, “how to apply for online jobs.” 

Attention Please:

--- Some job websites allow you to upload an existing resume from your computer’s Microsoft Word program.

--- Some websites require converting the MS Word file (resume and cover letter) into PDF format or another format.

--- Some other sites need to copy and paste into an online profile, or you need to use a resume builder that is incorporated into the job application system.

Employment history:

Get your work history ready. Any online job applications require the same information as a paper application, such as name, contact number, email address, educational background, work history, including job titles with the working period, previous employer’s contact number, references, etc.

These are the common information each online job application asks for. So always get ready with this information in an organized way. 

Note: You may need your previous supervisor's name and the full address of your prior employment with the organization's contact information.

Download the sample job application form:

Once my career coach gave me this tip, it helped a lot that time. 

He told me, “do not fill out the actual online job application form before filling out a sample job application form.”

So, I hope you now get the point. Download a sample application form, print it, and then complete it (fill it out).

This will help you to know exactly what information you will need to enter at the time of applying for online jobs.

Account creation:

You need to create an account applying for a job online. So, please do so at least on one or two websites. Some websites do not need to create an account. 

Are you looking for a professional position? Then you should set up a LinkedIn profile. 

For creating a Linkedin account, you need to register. For registration, you need:

--- Current email address so that your account can be confirmed. 

--- Either your email address or a name you choose will be your username

--- You will have the option of selecting a password for your account.

Some websites allow job seekers to register using information from Facebook or LinkedIn. You'll be able to log in with your Facebook or LinkedIn username and password on those sites.

Post your resume online:

Upload your resume on the job sites. Most job websites have a system to upload the candidates’ resumes to apply for jobs on the site quickly. You may be able to make your resume available for companies depending on the site, which will increase the visibility of your job hunt.

Email job application:

Sometimes, some small companies don’t have a system to handle online job applications. In that case, they may ask to send your resume and cover letter in their email.

For this reason, you need to have a professional look email address. For example, [email protected].  Stick to such an address and avoid an unprofessional email address to send your resume and cover letter.

The email subject line is most important. Make sure the reader can understand who you are and what position you are applying for after reading the subject line of your email. You can write this way – “Shishir Saha – Assistant HR manager position.”

Tips: Include an email signature with your contact information. It will be easy for the organization to contact you. Include your full name, contact number, and a professional email address in your email signature.

So, my readers, how to apply for online jobs through email? I think now we know the process.

If you don’t know how to include an email signature, visit YouTube to learn how. 

Job description:

Read the job description twice with attentiveness. Get ready with all the documents (if you are not ready) according to the job instructions before applying.

It’s important. You may need to take an employment test. It can be a part of the online application process. 

Please carefully proofread your application before submitting online.


I think you are clear enough about how you apply for online jobs. As this is a concluding part, theoretically, we need to review what we have learned. For applying, you must have an organized resume and a cover letter, a professional email address, up-to-date employment history, internet connection, and accounts in job sites. You need to read the job descriptions with attentiveness and follow all the instructions for applying online. 

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