February 10, 2022

Why do I keep applying for jobs and getting no response

I always hear a common frustrating sentence from job seekers: ' I keep applying for jobs and getting no response.' Or ‘I can't find a job, and I need money.’
It’s unfortunate.
You have spent tons of time applying, but no result. You don’t know why it’s happening to you? I understand your state of mind. But relax, dear.  Just be sure you are not making any following mistakes.

Why do I keep applying for jobs and getting no response?

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As I guess before, you’ve probably already spent some time on the Internet applying for jobs. But no interview calls and you’re saying, ‘why do I keep applying for jobs and getting no response.’ So sad.

You may be getting interviews—but not the right ones. Or you may be getting plenty of interviews—but no offers and may be you’re saying, ‘I can’t find a job, and I need money.’

 If you’re frustrated with your job search, it’s time to turn the tables.

Wrong strategy

Everything has a strategy. Job searching is not an exception. You have to follow the employer strategy. Now, what’s that? 

For example, you are submitting applications randomly and blindly. You are not doing any job research, just submitting job applications randomly-completely wrong strategy. 

Your strategy should be:

---- Apply for those job posts that interest you and match your skills and align with your passion.

--- Tailor your applications according to the organization and job description and then apply.

Targeting your dream employers is the most effective strategy to get the appropriate job for you. Cheers. 

You don’t have a LinkedIn profile

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, it’s a negative side in the eye of an employer. 

Assume you are an employer. You have narrowed down two candidates in your hiring process, but you have to choose one. You have checked both candidates’ LinkedIn profiles. You found one candidate’s profile has:

  •  Full of connections
  • Professional pictures
  • Packed with accomplishments
  • Rich work history
  • Excellent personal story
The other profile has:
  • No connections or very few connections
  • No photograph
  • Very few contents
As an employer, which candidate will you choose? No doubt, first candidate.

LinkedIn profile is a tool of the hiring process. Maximum employers generally check LinkedIn profiles for their hiring process.

You probably, don’t have a LinkedIn profile or an organized profile, but you are always saying, ' why do I keep applying for jobs and getting no response.' Or ‘I can't find a job, and I need money.’

So please sign up for a LinkedIn profile today if you don’t have or organize it if you already have an account and give a professional look.

 It will help you to take one step ahead of other candidates in the job market. I hope you have got my point. Thank you, dear.

Do not waste the top third of your resume space

Top third of a resume is very important. Hundreds of resumes are read through the applicant tracking system. 

Did you add a compelling message on this vital space on your resume? Could you please recheck?

 I am writing this because your hiring manager will swipe to the next resume if he doesn’t immediately find any compelling message on this part of your resume. I hope you understand.

Please, my dear reader, do not start saying ' why do I keep applying for jobs and getting no response’ without properly using the top third of your resume space.

Keep your personal information short and to the point at the top section of your resume. Do not add unnecessary things like a street address. Simply include:
  • Your name
  • Your cell number
  • One active email address
  • Your LinkedIn email address URL
Is there any objective statement on your resume? If yes, just remove it. Instead of this, include any of the following:
  • A professional summary statement or
  • Dive right into your experience
Follow these things and stop saying, ‘why am I not getting interviews.’

Long resume

Your resume is not a place where you will include your whole life history. Come on, dear. 

Your hiring manager will get bored reading a multiple pages resume. It indicates you have not tailored your resume for a specific post. 

As a result, your hiring manager will become confused and throw it in the garbage basket, and you will start saying, ' why do I keep applying for jobs and getting no response.’

Stop saying this.

Include the most relevant points on your resume and keep it to one page. 

Do you have lots of meaty content relevant to your post and want to include it? I understand.

In that case, you can create two pages resume at best. But careful; it should be relevant to the job post.

After seeing your social media presence, your employer gets scared

Who wants to hire a problem? No one. 

Are you a ‘Mr./Ms. Problem’ in the eye of the hiring manager? I am sure you are thinking about what I am saying? 

Actually, hiring an employee is a risky task. Think, if an employer hires the wrong applicant, will he be an asset to that company. Never. 

Remember, the majority of hiring managers check candidates’ social media presence. They may change their mind after getting a negative impression of you from social media. 

So, please clean up your social media right now. If there are any offensive kinds of stuff, remove those so that your hiring manager doesn’t take you negatively as a candidate.

I think, after doing all these, you will not say ' why do I keep applying for jobs and getting no response’ anymore.

You are not following resume format

If you do not follow the standard resume format, how do you expect the hiring manager to call you for the interview?

Don't you think this is your over expectation?

If you don't follow the standard resume format, don't expect to get interview calls from the hiring managers.

Lack of qualification and skills

Maybe you think you are qualified enough and have the required skills for the job posts, but the employers may think you don’t have those after reading your resume. 

Don’t be upset, dear.

But sometimes it can be a reason, but you still didn’t understand the problems. You are just asking others why I keep applying for jobs and getting no response.

Read the job descriptions carefully and identify what specific certifications are required for the post and ask yourself, ‘do I have relevant skills for the post?’
If not, STOP applying and achieve those related skills and certification and then apply.

Some stupid reasons you are not getting any response

  • My dear readers, did you ever check your email spam folder? Are you sure the employers are not contacting you? 
It can be that they are communicating with you, but you are not aware of that. Yes, it may happen to you.

So please, regularly check your email spam folder or junk folders. You think the hiring managers are not in contacting you, but the reality is they have already reached you, but those emails have gone to spam folders, and you are not aware of that. So sad.
  • Sometimes, it is hard to find the contact details on some resumes. Employers do not find the contact details easily.
Is this the same case are happening with you? If this is the thing, rectify it immediately.
  • Let’s talk about another scenario. The company tried to reach out. They call you, but it goes to voicemail, and your voice mailbox is full.

That means your hiring manager is trying to leave a voice message but fails to leave because your mailbox is full.

If this is the matter, please don’t tell anyone, ‘why am I not getting interviews?’

Wrap up

Finding a job is hard. Please do not make it harder by yourself. Pay close attention to my discussion today. You don’t have to say anymore, 'I keep applying for jobs and getting no response.’

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