June 20, 2022

6 Best Interview Books to Help You Ace Your Next Job Interview

The job interview process can be complex, but you can feel more confident and prepared with the proper preparation. One way to prepare is to read various interview books that will give you an edge in your upcoming interviews. 

Here are ten recommended books that will help you shine in any job interview.


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Recommended interview books before your next job interview

The Art of the Interview by James Storey

"The Art of the Interview" is a book about job interviews. It is written by James Storey, a career coach who has worked in the recruitment industry for over 20 years. 
The interview book is designed to help job seekers prepare for interviews by teaching them how to give the perfect answers to every interview question.
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The author has divided the book into three sections: 
The first section covers the basics of interview preparation, the second section covers the most common interview questions, and the third section covers how to follow up after an interview. 
Each section includes several case studies that provide real-life examples of how to answer different types of questions.
The book is well-written and easy to read.
James Storey knows his stuff, and he provides a wealth of information in this book that will help job seekers to stand out from the competition and impress interviewers.

Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview

"Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview" is one of those interview books that had been on my bookshelf for a month before I finally decided to read it. 
The book is written by Evan Pellett, a career coach and recruiter with over 10 years of experience in the industry.
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The first half of the book is all about how to prepare for an interview. Pellett provides an extensive overview of the process, from understanding the company and the position you're applying for to practicing your responses to common interview questions. He also provides helpful tips on how to follow up after the interview.
If you are in the job market or will be in the near future, then you need to read this book! Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview is filled with tips and techniques that will help you shine in your next interview. 
The author, Evan Pellett, is a career coach and recruiter who has helped countless people find their dream jobs.
In this book, Evan Pellett has introduced the eight-step interview method. You will know the secrets "questions behind the questions." These are the questions that every boss subconsciously seeks from you to have answered before hiring you. I guarantee these questions have never been published before.

Presence - Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges by Amy Cuddy

It's very important how you present yourself in an interview. "Presence" is a book about how to be your best self in challenging situations. 
The author, Amy Cuddy, is a social psychologist who has spent many years studying body language and its effects on people's lives.
The book is divided into three sections. 
  • The first section talks about the power of body language - how our posture and movements can affect the way we think and feel about ourselves and the way others perceive us. 
  • The second section discusses the importance of "power posing" - standing in a posture that makes you feel powerful, even when you don't feel confident. 
  • The third section of the book is all about how to use your body language to get ahead in your career.
The author describes several strategies that will help you project confidence, authority, and charisma. She also provides tips for reading other people's body language and using your body language to influence and persuade others.

Smart Answers to Tricky Interview Questions: How to prepare for a job-winning interview by Rob Yeung

If someone is looking for a job, he needs to read this interview book! It is full of great advice on how to prepare for job interviews. The author, Rob Yeung, is a career coach and has lots of great tips to share.
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One of the best things I like most about this book is that it's not just about giving you advice on how to answer tricky questions. It also guides you on how to make a good impression during the interview, how to sell yourself, and how to handle any nerves you may have.
The book aims to help the reader prepare for job-winning interviews by teaching them how to give intelligent answers to tricky questions.
The author explains why interviewers ask specific questions and what they're looking to find out with each one. He also provides excellent advice on how to deal with difficult questions in a way that will make you look good.

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2019: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers by Richard N. Bolles

The title of this book pretty much says it all. What Color Is Your Parachute? 2019 is a comprehensive guide to finding a job and changing careers. It is an updated version of the popular career guide that has been in print since 1970. The book is now in its 2019 edition and has been revised to consider the current job market and changes in the economy.
The author, Richard N. Bolles, is a career counselor and job-hunter extraordinaire. He has spent decades studying the job market and helping people find their dream jobs. In this book, he shares his findings and offers practical advice for anyone looking for work or planning a career change.
The book is packed with information but still easy to read. It is a self-help book intended to help people find and keep jobs, primarily in the United States.

How to Talk to Anyone: / Edition 2 by Leil Lowndes

How to Talk to Anyone is a book about communication. It contains 92 little tricks for big success in relationships. The book is separated into five sections: The Basics, Getting Friendly, Doing Business, Handling Conflict, and Closing the Deal. Each section contains several subsections with tips on how to communicate better.
This fantastic book is chalked full of advice for improving all of your relationships, whether personal or professional. How to Talk to Anyone is an easy read with plenty of examples to illustrate the points made. The advice is practical and straightforward. It is a good resource for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills.
 The author has a very down-to-earth writing style that makes the information easy to digest and apply.
The best part about this book is that it is not just a bunch of theories. Each chapter includes real-life examples that illustrate the concepts being discussed.
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Wrap Up

There is no question that the right interview books can open up worlds of opportunity. The right book at the right time can change everything for the reader. When it comes to job interviews, this is undeniably true. If you are looking for a job or are preparing for an upcoming interview, reading the right books can help you get there.

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