December 05, 2021

What LinkedIn is used for? 7 minutes basic course

Dear reader,

Most probably, you have heard about LinkedIn a lot. But you don’t know what LinkedIn is used for? Some of my readers may know something but do not know much about it. They may have some questions. How is LinkedIn used in business? What is LinkedIn sales navigator used for? Should I include my LinkedIn on my resume? How does it help for the searching job on LinkedIn? All in all, they want to know the benefits of LinkedIn.

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In today’s article, we’ll uncover some incredible features that you must say “wow.”

Could you please allow me 5 to 7 minutes? This 7 minutes investment will make you LinkedIn boss. 

I think you agree to invest this 5 to 7 minutes time. Actually, who does not want to be a LinkedIn boss in just 7 minutes of investing?

Yes, I know that.  So, let’s dive into our article.


What LinkedIn is used for?

I’ll divide this heading with some sub-headings to quickly understand what LinkedIn is used for. 

You can’t imagine how extensive this professional network is! There are 800 million LinkedIn users in more than 200 countries. 

I think this data is enough for you to know how big this platform is. 

This site is mainly used to keep in touch with clients, business associates, and co-workers.

Benefits of LinkedIn:

To know the benefits of LinkedIn, please have a look below:

You can build an online professional identity with a professionally written LinkedIn profile. You may ask me, “Hey, is this the only benefit?” The straightforward answer is “no.” There is more to discover.

You can use LinkedIn to showcase your skills, recommendations, and connections as well. 

Are you confused with the word “connections?” 

In easy words, connections are members who connected on LinkedIn with each other. It’s as like your Facebook friends. 

You can build connections with your industry-related people. 

When recruiters use LinkedIn to look for applicants, your LinkedIn profile is the first professional impression. Not only that, but it also demonstrates credibility in your industry. 

I think now you do not doubt the power of an organized LinkedIn profile in your career and job industry. 

Job search on LinkedIn:

Let me write incredible information. Recruiters use LinkedIn to find and hire applicants in 93% of cases.

Are you surprised? Yes, dear, this is the reality.

So, it’s crucial to have your profile for a job search on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile makes you visible to the recruiters.

Job-search-on-Linkedin.jpg 59.7 KB

It will be not wrong if I compare a LinkedIn profile with a CV. I am writing this because what is on your profile is selling you. In the case of job search on LinkedIn, it may help you differently as well.

  • LinkedIn has a great job board. The most surprising thing is, new job opportunities you may find on this platform that is not available on the traditional job boards. Is not it surprising? But it is also true there are some great traditional job boards as well.

There is an option named “LinkedIn apply.” By using this, you can directly apply for a job and can save your job searches.

  • This platform can be your research tool in case of job search on LinkedIn. Ask me how? The answer is,
    1. You can research any company before your interview. LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for finding out about companies and the individuals who work there.
    2. You can get an insight about the interviewers and your hiring manager as well.
    3. Employers and recruiters can view your recommendations and connections if you have a LinkedIn profile. This is essential for building trust with them.

These are the main benefits of LinkedIn for searching job.

Should I include my LinkedIn on my resume

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You should include. Many employers check LinkedIn and social media profiles before scheduling an interview. Yes, in most cases, they do it.

Now, where you should include your LinkedIn address? The answer is you should have it on the contact section of your resume.

The hiring managers want to study the candidates’ LinkedIn profiles to get a deep insight.

So, “should I include my LinkedIn on my resume?” My straightforward answer is “yes.”

But there are some suggestions on my behalf.

  • If your resume is not updated and organized, do not provide your LinkedIn profile link on your job resume. 
  • Upload a high-quality professional look photo. Remember, the first impression is important. 
  • Create a professional profile URL on LinkedIn. When you create an account on LinkedIn, an automated profile URL creates.
  • Do not provide this on your resume. At first, edit your profile URL and give it a professional look-for example,
  • One of the most important points I have forgotten to write. That is, your LinkedIn profile heading and description should match with the job that you want to apply for. 
Dear reader, you have got a good idea of what LinkedIn is used for by this time.

How is LinkedIn used in business?

Almost 30 million businesses use LinkedIn.There are LinkedIn marketing tools. Any sized company can be benefitted by using this tool.

You can use LinkedIn ads to generate sales.

How-is-LinkedIn-used-in-business.jpg 79.8 KB

LinkedIn sales navigator: This navigator can help you to boost sales. I believe it’s a great place to start for any business. You should know that the LinkedIn platform itself offers this sales navigator tool.

It can be used in several ways.

In a simple sense, it makes finding, contacting, and staying in touch with customers, prospects, and referrals easier. You don't have to track your prospects manually for long periods. Then why not use that saved time for other purposes of your business?

I think this is the best version of LinkedIn available today. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has an advanced lead search feature to find more specific leads.

Marketing and sales teams may efficiently communicate with the Sales Navigator team feature and get the following benefits:

  1. Up to 5,000 prospects can be saved.
  2. Every month, send roughly 30 InMails -- The InMail tool is ideal for sending private messages to prospects or other LinkedIn users (even if they aren't linked with you).
  3. Monitor sales performance by periodic access to reports.

You may have a question like “is LinkedIn sales navigator free?” You can take experience a free trial and for paid subscription please visit here >> Cost of LinkedIn sales navigator.

Remember, it is necessary to create a LinkedIn company page before starting LinkedIn marketing.

I think you have got your answer to the question of how is LinkedIn used in business.

Publishing Platform:

Good news! Yes, you can use LinkedIn as a great publishing platform online.

Publishing-Platform.jpg 94.8 KB
LinkedIn provides you the opportunity to publish your content for your LinkedIn audience. Let me provide you with a number. 

45% of LinkedIn article readers are from top-level positions (directors, managers, VPs). All of your connections will be notified as soon as you post an article. This will help you inform your audience that a new article has been published.

You may ask me, “hey writer, why I’ll publish my article on LinkedIn instead of publishing on my blog?” 

Hmm, it’s an excellent question.

There are two reasons:

  1. It will help you to increase brand awareness.
  2. It will help you to drive social engagement on LinkedIn.

This is one of themost incrediblebenefits of LinkedIn. 

Bottom line:

Great news!
We have completed this basic LinkedIn course, “what LinkedIn is used for.” 

I believe now you better understand the benefits of LinkedIn. You know now how a well-organized LinkedIn profile helps job seekers for search for jobs on LinkedIn, how is LinkedIn used in business, and how you can use this social media as a content publishing platform online. 

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A professional-looking LinkedIn profile helps job seekers to get an interview call. Various business tools of this social platform enable businesses to increase their brand awareness and capture leads. Beside this, this platform allows content publishers to publish their content. 

Dear reader, I think you have explored many things from this 5 to 7 minutes basic course. 

Now it’s time to create a professional-looking LinkedIn profile and stand out from the crowd. 

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