Mar 25

Senior Fullstack Engineer

At CodeSandbox we're building a collaborative online development platform that makes it easy for anyone to build web applications. We're used by over 3 million people on a monthly basis, and we're looking for Senior Full Stack Engineers with advanced TypeScript skills, who can help us build the next iteration of CodeSandbox that will allow you to run any kind of project from anywhere.

As Senior Full Stack Engineer you'll have the opportunity to design and work on the next-generation collaborative IDE we're building. You'll be part of various key projects that will highly impact the experience of hundreds of thousands of CodeSandbox users.

You have worked at scale before and are used to designing and documenting architecture in a product-driven team environment. Communication in this role is key, as you'll be scoping and convincing your colleagues of key design choices. It's not the first time you have built frameworks, apps, or services from scratch. In this role some of our core values are key and we are curious about how you:
  • Collaborate closely with other engineers and designers.
  • Empower yourself and others by enabling them to learn from you.

Job requirements
  • Location: Anywhere -4 to +3 UTC (currently Daylight Savings, otherwise -5 to +2 UTC). That's anywhere between US and EU Eastern Time.
  • Full-time: At CodeSandbox this means 40 flexible hours Mon through Fri.
As a Senior Full Stack Engineer, you'll...
  • Design and architect the systems used for interfacing between CodeSandbox client and the underlying container running the end-user code.
  • Develop a binary WebSocket protocol for CodeSandbox's collaborative and real-time sharing features.
  • Design for a delightful user experience, finding ways to introduce optimistic UI patterns and network resilience using operational transformation (OT) and conflict-free replicated data types (CRDTs).
  • Develop and maintain open source libraries to allow our community to build CodeSandbox integrations and plugins for editors and IDEs.
  • Build and maintain functional, contract, performance, and load-testing test suites to instill confidence in the code we ship to production.
  • Build and maintain performance-critical or safety-critical tools and services in lower-level languages, like Rust.
That said, these role responsibilities are just the start! At CodeSandbox, we encourage you to pursue wherever your interests take you. You'll have a chance to shape your role accordingly.

About you

You'll thrive as a Senior Full Stack Engineer if you:
  • Are a senior who leads by example, are a strong spoken and written communicator, and you empower those around you to do the best work they can.
  • Are a "T-shaped" generalist developer. You have your areas of expertise, but aren't afraid to contribute to any part of the technology stack.
  • Are comfortable building and using advanced TypeScript features and patterns: Generics, Utility Types, Type Guards, Mixins, and Decorators are all tools of the trade.
  • Have experience identifying and isolating performance bottlenecks in a system, making good use of structured logging, tracing, instrumentation, and monitoring tools.
  • Have strong proficiency with React, its state-management systems, and have a good understanding of its reconciliation system.
  • Ideally, you care about user experience and have a strong interest in product and infrastructure design.
If you don’t meet 100% of the above qualifications, you should still consider applying. Studies show that you can still be considered for a role if you meet just 50% of the role’s requirements.

About us

At CodeSandbox we work from the idea that software development should be more accessible and collaborative. It should be possible for anyone to create an application if they have a great idea, and there should be no hassle in sharing this with others. We follow this mentality not only in how we build our product, but also in how we work with each other.

Whenever we start a new project, we include everyone on the team to help out. We expect everyone to be open to helping each other and generally encourage everyone to work together.

At CodeSandbox, we're offering:
  • A friendly, remote-first working environment.
  • Competitive salary & equity.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Unlimited paid time off, affordance-based. We expect you to take a minimum of 25 days.
  • Work equipment of your choice.
  • Educational & Personal Development Budget.
  • Annual health & wellness stipend.
  • Freedom to create and run your own project.
  • Parental leave for the moms and dads among us.
If you share our enthusiasm for making development more accessible and collaborative, we'd love to review your application!



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