Sep 30

Senior Software Engineer provides free and personal ML-driven furniture recommendations, transforming a process that is often exhausting and time-consuming into one that is fun, instant and engaging. We've already served product recommendations to thousands of users, and are on a journey to continually improve our recommendations so that they are ever more tailored and helpful.

We're looking to hire a full-time full-stack senior software engineer to accelerate our product roll-out. Our codebase uses:
  • F# and PostgreSQL on the backend
  • TypeScript and React on the frontend
Although prior experience with F# is not an absolute requirement, the ideal candidate will have a strong interest in functional programming. Experience with .NET would also be beneficial. You'll work alongside the founding team to maintain and develop the platform, including creating new product capabilities and adding ever more sophistication to our core recommendation engine. The role is fully-remote, although we are looking for an individual within a +-2hr time difference GMT.

On the 'softer' side of things, we're looking for someone with a passionate, driven and can-do attitude. You'll be given significant responsibility, and should be able to communicate well and jump in and out of various topics / problem sets with ease. 

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