March 01, 2022

Panel interview tips (you have never heard before)

Many years ago. I applied for a job at a big company. 

The funny thing is my heart was beating too much at the time of applying in fear. 

That was my second job application in my life.

Some days later, I was invited to a panel interview from that company.

What? Panel interview?

My physical condition worsened after knowing this. 

My legs were shaking. 

There was no one to give me panel interview tips at that time.

I had a bad habit. I had to go to the toilet again and again whenever I heard something tense.

So guess my readers. What could be my situation after listening to the panel interview? 

At that moment, I felt like someone is preparing me for chicken barbecue. And my barbecue will be served to the panel interview board.

My condition was much like the picture below: sir.png 897 KB

But the good news was I passed on that interview and got the job at that time.
From that experience, I would like to share some great tips today about panel interview with you.

It is going to be fantastic writing. Believe me. 

Following main topics and more I’ll cover today.

What is a panel interview

A panel interview is a form of a job interview in which the candidate is interviewed by multiple interviewers, usually three or more. 
Each member on the panel will ask questions and take notes while listening to your answers.
Panel interviews typically last 30 minutes to an hour. 
You can better understand the panel interview by looking at the image below.
Please have a look below? Thank you.
What-is-a-panel-interview.jpg 49.6 KB


Who can be interview panel members?

When I got the first-panel interview invitation, I kept asking myself who could be interview panel members? 

There was no one to give me the answer at that time.

A variety of people can make up the panel.

It could be the supervisor and several members of the team. It might also be an HR official and some colleagues.

2.png 22.1 KB

Panel interview tips

Dear readers,

Now we have come to the heart section of this article. I know you are reading this article to know how to do well in a panel interview. Please allow me a couple of minutes more. Excellent panel interview tips are waiting for you. Just read attentively. Thank you.

Practice good eye contact and positive body language

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention before.

I was an introvert. It was tough to maintain good eye contact with the whole panel in my first-panel interview.  

Maintaining good eye contact, positive body language, and keeping hands and feet still are vital for a panel interview.

But the good thing is I came out of this situation at that time.


I practiced a lot at home. It worked and helped me a lot doing well in front of the panel, and body language won the hearts of the interviewers.

Pro Tips: Make eye contact with the entire panel, paying somewhat more attention to the person who asked the question you're replying to.

Find out how the panel will be consists of before the interview

Attention: Don’t ignore this part. It’s one of the important panel interview tips.

Let’s go straight to the topic. What do you say? Try to find out the following things:
  • How many panel members will take the interview?
  • Who will be in the panel? (Human resource person, the recruiter, hiring manager, etc.). Not sure? No problem. Ask the person who scheduled the interview.
  • On LinkedIn, look up those people's backgrounds and other information.
  • Are you meeting with any technical person? If yes, how many people. Try to find out.
  • Who will be the more senior level on the panel?
  • What type of background people will be mostly on the panel? Technical background or non-technical background? 
This information will help you a lot. Collecting the data and doing homework will help you to feel more confident.

You will feel more relaxed during the interview. 

That’s great news, right?

Pro tips: Treat all the interviewers equally. Don’t judge who is lower and who is higher in the post. If you keep this in mind, you will behave differently in your interview unconsciously, and you may not qualify for that interview.You never know who the recruiting manager will consult before reaching a yes or no decision on whether or not to hire you.

Panel-interview-tips.jpg 61.1 KB

Bring some copies of your resume for each member of the panel

Everyone likes smart candidates. Look, I have written the word ‘smart’ not ‘over smart.’ So careful, don’t be over smart in front of the interviewers.
Anyway, print out enough copies of your resume so that you can hand out your resume to the interviewers. 
Sometimes one or two extra members may join the panel. So print a few additional copies for that.
No doubt, interviewers might have the copies. That’s okay. But do this. This little thing will make you look great.
Don’t forget to follow this panel interview guideline.

Ask enough questions

Only interviewers ask questions, and you reply to them —a boring scenario. 

  • Write down some great questions. Please write it down in a notepad.
  • Take permission before bringing the notepad to the interview. 99% cases they will permit. You may ask for permission, ‘is it okay if I bring a notepad with some questions?’
  • You can direct your questions to a specific member or the entire panel when you ask them.
How many questions will you ask? If the panel consists of three, prepare for 4/5 questions. It’s an excellent panel interview tip, right?

Make a connection

Building rapport with the interviewers is too important. If you can, you will be ahead of other candidates.

Make a connection with the interviewers. I know, now you will ask how?

Panel interview Guidelines.jpg 61.4 KB
Pro tips:

1. Try to create an environment where you are talking with the interviewer.
Share stories; mix your question into the interview.
Do not wait until the end to ask a question to the interviewers.
Use the interviewer's name during the conversation.
Just make sure the interview environment is not like any interrogation is going on.
Only your skill and experience are not enough for getting a job. Your attitude, conversation style, everything will be judged. Interviewers may consider how you will be fit with the organization's culture, current team, etc.

That's why doing company research before a job interview is important. Research will help you know the name of the interviewers, company culture, and many more things. 
I believe if you can maintain this vital step as per my guidelines, interviewers can’t make you chicken barbecue in the interview room. Just kidding, my dear, nothing else.

Thank each panel person

Leaving a tremendous final impression is important. How can you do that?
Have a look below:
  • Express your gratitude for their time.
  • Shake the hand with each person of the panel.
  • Maintain eye contact with each member of the panel
And boom. You are done.

Before leaving, ask these questions

Hey, we have not finished yet. Maximum two more minutes, please. 
Is not it necessary to know the next step?
And is not it important to know who to follow up before leaving the room?
What do you say?
Yes, all these are important to know. I don't want you to be concerned about these issues after you go home.
So, ask them all these before leaving and send thank you notes to each panel member.

I think you have enjoyed all my panel interview tips. Now it’s time to wrap up our article. Now we know how to do well in panel interviews and build rapport with the panel members.

3.png 22.2 KB

Wrap up

If you can’t answer the questions properly of the panel members, no panel interview tips will work. 

If you don't feel that you have done well, ask for feedback. It's better to know where you went wrong than to assume that you just weren't the right person for the job. 
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