January 13, 2022

Things to remember about follow up job interview email

Congratulations. You have completed another milestone. Your dream job interview has been taken. 

You have faced many job interview questions and answered those, and finally, it’s done. Now, what next?

Yes, it’s time to talk about follow up job interview email.

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Just close your eyes and think about a scenario. You have put all the good skills on your resume, you have written an excellent job cover letter, prepared yourself for the interview of your dream job, attended the interview and waited for days after days for the next call but bad luck. 

Your job call did not come. So, sad, but it happens. 

That’s why a follow-up job interview email is essential, and today’s writing is for that purpose. Mainly following important things along with other discussions I’ll cover today. 

  • What to do after an interview
  • How to follow up for a job interview
  • Follow up job interview email example
  • Email subject line examples
  • Email body
  • Things to remember about follow up job interview emails.
I guess you are happy now.  Let’s dive into the article. 

What to do after an interview

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Let’s discuss to the point and straightforward. After a job interview, it’s crucial to keep your name fresh as a candidate in the interviewer’s mind. 

You have to take the right initiatives. Remember, showing “eagerness to a job” is an important deciding factor to interviewers, especially if interviewers consider you with other candidates for a specific position. So, it’s important to take the proper steps to show eagerness to the position if you really want to win the job.

Then what to do after an interview? The answers are:

1. Inquire about the next steps and contact details

After finishing an interview, try to get the hiring manager’s contact details and ask them what will be the next steps of the hiring process. For example, ask your interviewer will there be any more interviews.

2. Send thank you note

Send the interviewer a thank you email. Please send it within 24 hours of the interview. Express your gratitude for interviewing in your note. I will write more about how to send follow up emails after the interview in a later section. So, it is ok to send a thank you email after an interview.

3. Send follow up job interview emails

Then send follow up job interview emails. I will share with you follow up job interview email template later on. So, no worries, my reader. 
Not only this, follow up email subject line, email body, email presentation also will be discussed. 
Remember, a good email subject line increase the chances of an open rate. Just keep patience. More crucial things I will cover. 

4. Assess your performance

If there is anything you feel to remember after the interview, write it down. 
For example, recall how you answered the interview questions, what you didn’t say and if any, take a note of that question and search what will be the right answer.
Doing this will help you to prepare for future interviews. Assessing your performance after an interview will make your foundation more strong.

5. Connect with interviewers

Try to connect with your interviewer through social media if possible. If they accept you, it’s a good sign. It provides you with a signal they are interested to know more about you and considering you as a winning candidate. 
Then why not take a chance sending them a request?
Remember, you may know how to write a job cover letter properly, you may know how to find a job but if you don’t know how to win the job, your every effort will be useless.

That’s why the above discussed things you have to remember after a job interview. 

Follow up job interview email

I have seen a lot of job seekers that they are confused about deciding the proper way to follow up after an interview. 

Are you facing the same problem? I understand but don’t worry. This is the right section for you. Just have patience and read on with attentiveness. 

If you agree, I can continue. 

A polite follow-up email sample with the guidance I am going to share with you in a while.

How to follow up for a job interview?

Your interview is done. Now, the first thing you need to do is send a thank-you note to the interviewers. Or, you may send a thank-you note to the recruiter who has scheduled your interview.

A thank you note is nothing but a thank you email after a phone interview or in-person interview.

Statistics: Only 1 in twenty candidates sends a thank you email to the interviewers after an interview (phone or in-person).

I think it’s an excellent opportunity for you to create a good impression in the interviewers' eyes. That’s why take your time and effort to write it nicely. Keep in mind,

  • It should be in brief
  • Thank everyone who interviewed you in your writing
  • Again express your interest in the position
  • Show them you are excited to proceed with the next steps in the hiring process
  • If you forgot to mention anything in your interview, write that in your thank you note.
These are the points you should include in your in your email body as a thank you email after a phone interview and send it within 24 hours of the interview.

Sample thank you email after an interview

Thank-you-email-after-phone-interview.jpg 84.4 KB

Hello Shishir,

Thank you for interviewing me on Tuesday. I really enjoyed learning more about the opportunity. The information you provided about was quite informative.

I am sure that my qualifications and skills will enable me to excel in this position, which I would be eager to take on. 

I eagerly wait for your response on the next steps, and please feel free to contact me if you need any further information in the meantime.

Best regards,

< Your first and last name >

How to send follow up email a second time after an interview

I do not like to follow up by calling or texting the hiring manager unless he told you it would be OK to do so. Please wait seven days before following up if you do not know about the next steps. 

But if they told you about the next probable date regarding the hiring process, then wait till the date. If you don’t get any response, send an email.

Please keep your inquiry brief and to the point. Have a look below to know how to send follow up email 2nd time after the interview.

Hello (Hiring Manager’s Name),

I hope you are having a fantastic week so far. I interviewed for the “ABC” position last Monday, and you mentioned your department would make a hiring decision this week. Could you please provide me with an update?

Thank you so much.


(Your name)

If the hiring manager does not respond to your first email, then your email body should look as follows:

Hello (Hiring Manager’s Name),

I'd like to know whether there has been any progress on the Assistant Manager post. Could you please let me know whenever you have time?


(Your name)

Third, follow up email
You have sent a thank-you note within 24 hours after the interview, and then you have sent a second follow up email; now what next?

Most probably, you may get an email back saying that they are still working on it or still taking the interview or, if you are lucky enough, may get the information about the next steps.

If they are still working on it, you should again remind them that you are still interested for the role. Bear in mind; organizations are only hiring people who are genuinely interested. I hope it makes sense. 

If the company responds but doesn’t decide yet, my recommendation will be to email them again. Why? This will allow you to follow them up again. 

Now, what will be the email body of that email? Please check at below:

Thank you for providing the update. Do you know when the final decision will be made? I’m excited about the opportunity, but I understand the interview process can be lengthy, and I don’t want to bother you.

Please do not follow up after this email couple of days. If you don’t get any updates, try to email another person of that organization.

Subject lines to follow up

You can follow some
excellent email subject lines. A great follow up email subject line after an interview can increase the email open rate. Please check below:

  • Any update on XYZ position?
  • Following up on my application.
  • Checking for updates for ABC position.
  • Is there anything else from my side?

Things to remember

  • After each job interview, it is recommended that you send a thank you email. This indicates to the company that you value their time and, more importantly, that you are still interested in the job.
  • Send your post-interview thank you email between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. the day after your job interview. Ensure that the email is delivered within 24 hours of your job interview so that the interviewer remembers you.
  • When sending thank you notes or emails following an interview, make sure to include a specific topic you talked about with the interviewer and why you loved it.
  • Proofread everything before sending. If you use an email template for following up after the interview, examine every detail to ensure that it is appropriate for your situation. If you don't, sending that follow-up email will cause more harm than good.
  • Please wait seven days before sending each follow-up email unless they mention any specific date for the next probable date. But thank you note should send within 24 hours after an interview.

Final thoughts

Hello reader,

This is Shishir, your follow up job interview email guide. I hope you have enjoyed and understood each section of this article. I believe now you entirely have understood how to follow up for a job interview. 

Always try to be professional and proactive rather than pushy in sending a follow-up email. If you don’t get any response from the company side couple of weeks, most probably the position has been filled.

Continue looking for a role until you have a contract in hand.

My best wishes to you. 

With thanks,

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