Jul 11

Senior Software Engineer (full stack)

We are looking for a full time Senior Developer to help us architect, engineer, integrate, deploy and improve a state-of-the-art leasing and asset management platform for landlords that own office buildings and shopping malls on ‘High Street’ in the world’s biggest metropoles.

You are going to help us build a world-class SaaS-platform from the ground up, that allows landlords to navigate from their computer screen legal risks and valuation implications buried inside contract language, in a way the market never thought possible. You will be working with our team of distinguished real estate lawyers, creative software developers and architects, PMs and UX designers, to deliver a world-class product that will revolutionize the commercial real estate industry.

The most important characteristic we're after is that you are a technologist – or however you self-identify your passion for developing and building technology that provides real commercial results – and are keen on participating in a pleasant and high functioning team.

You don't have to know everything, but you do have to have the potential to learn anything quickly and you should know a lot about of the following disciplines:
  • Cloud native development and deployment - You have built, run and delivered software either on cloud environments or for cloud environments using modern methods and can talk about the considerations that go into the design. Deploying with Docker and AWS or similar makes you feel right at home. 
  • Full-stack development with excellent knowledge of backend technologies - You are comfortable developing for the frontend and but have a leaning towards the backend.
  • Knowledge of databases - You are equally comfortable with noSQL and SQL databases and can conceptualize solutions in either, weighing advantages and disadvantages depending on use-case. 
  • Modern Programming Languages like Java, Python, Javascript/nodeJS and a frontend framework (Vue.JS or React.JS) - You can build software irrespective of language. You understand how to turn a post-it note into outcomes and have a good track record of supporting your software from inception through to upgrade.
Ultimately, you'll be excited about being at the inception of a high-performance environment, and you'll enjoy being pushed technically and organizationally to do things 'the right way' as part of the core team that is building a world-class product.

Ideally you would be based in Hong Kong, but we are also interested in getting to know you if you are within +/- 3 hours of the Hong Kong time zone.

So, if you are someone who…
  • enjoys UX / user-centric design and product delivery,
  • is pragmatic and commercial, but never settles for mediocrity,
  • values flexibility, but wants to have ownership of your tasks,
  • gains satisfaction from solving puzzles and logic problems,
  • likes communicating what you've discovered to your colleagues and customers in plain English, rather than encrypted acronyms,
  • would enjoy a paid 2-week bonus Christmas break upon successful product launch and client acquisition, and
  • is excited about building a product that marries ease of use with expert features to re-invent an ancient market,
… we think you should get in touch, because you would be a great addition to our team!



Salary and compensation

$50,000 - $60,000 / year

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