Apr 24

Senior Software Engineer

About Sturdy

At Sturdy we're replacing Git with real-time collaboration in the cloud!

This is a great opportunity to be one of the first employees at a fast moving startup, funded by Y Combinator! We’re building tech for techies, and naturally really take pride in both the software that we’re writing and the product that we’re building, and hope that you do too!

Read more on our site: https://getsturdy.com/careers/founding-backend-engineer

Sturdy is growing

We're looking for Backend Engineers with Go experience to join our team, together with the team, you'll play a crucial role in designing Sturdy, and making us known to the world.

What we do

We're building the future of how coders like you and me are collaborating on code. With Sturdy developers don't have to fight branches, pull requests, or crazy command line arguments to get things done.

We regularly post about tech and product on our blog.

About the role

The backend powers the Sturdy real-time version control system that you see in the app. It's built with Go, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, and runs on AWS.

You’ll be building and architecting a distributed system to build a kick-ass product that always works, and always makes our users delighted.


  • Desire to learn or existing knowledge of Go (concurrency, error handling, testing)
  • Experience of building distributed high-performance systems
  • Knowledge of Git (we're using Sturdy to build Sturdy, but the VCS behind the scenes is largely inspired by Git's fundamentals)
  • Experience of SQL-databases (we're using PostgreSQL-compatible AWS Aurora)

Our tech stack


  • Sturdy
  • A monolithic Go service
  • PostgreSQL-compatible AWS Aurora
  • GraphQL
  • AWS SQS, SES, EC2 (and more)
  • Prometheus, Grafana, PostHog


  • Vue 3
  • TypeScript
  • GraphQL (urql)
  • Electron
  • Tailwind CSS

We're not expecting you to have experience of our entire tech-stack. But we're expecting you to be willing to learn it, and to help us making it even better!



Salary and compensation

$60,000 - $160,000 / year

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🇪🇺 EUROPE-ONLY 💰 $60K - $160K Website getsturdy